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You’ve Found The Best Place to Sell Your Gold And Silver!

Any wise investor understands that selling an asset properly is just as important, if not more important than buying it. If you own gold coins, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium you should always know a reputable source when you need cash or when the market conditions favor a sale.


  • Am I timing the market wisely?
  • Am I getting a fair price?
  • Is the buyer giving a fair appraisal value?
  • Do my coins have any collector value that should be considered?
  • Should I sell my coins at an auction?

At Midas Gold Group we can help you answer all of these questions. When you sell us your precious metals you can rest assured that you are dealing with experienced buyers who understand the value of your assets. Midas Gold Group will give you honest advice and a fair price for your gold and silver.

American Eagle silver one ounce coin obverse


Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Coins
Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Bars
Pre-1933 US Coins and Numismatic Coins
US Junk Silver Coins, 90% and 40% Purity

Midas Gold Group has built a long reputation as a nationally known and trusted buyer of gold Eagles and Buffaloes, silver Eagles and Maple Leafs, platinum Eagles, palladium Maple Leafs, and rhodium Bars. We pay you the most for your gold coins and bars and we make transactions extremely simple. When the time comes to sell your gold and silver bars and coins, investors and collectors turn to Midas Gold Group for:

Best Prices for Gold & Silver

If you are looking for the best value on gold and silver, come to Midas Gold Group. Our prices are so competitive that even other dealers sell directly to us. If you get other quotes, come to us last for the best price!

Prompt & Reliable Payment

When you sell your gold and silver to Midas Gold Group, you never need to wait an extended time to be paid. Upon receiving your precious metals, we will issue prompt payment via federally insured wire or check.

Private & Secure Transactions

Unlike other companies, we do not report your transaction or record your personal information except where the law explicitly requires us to do so. Read about reportable transactions below.

Superior Service & Convenience

Our full-service team is always available to assist with pickup and delivery of your gold; that’s why people from all over the US sell directly to us. All shipments and transactions are bonded and insured for your protection.

Fair & Honest Appraisals

Don’t be fooled by many of the low prices offered by other dealers. If you own bullion or rare coins, make sure you understand the true value of your assets with our appraisal services before you sell your assets.


When you sell your gold through Midas Gold Group the process is simple and secure. Here is how it works:

Agree to Terms

Call our buyer to get accurate bid prices on the coins or bars you wish to sell and sign an agreement with Midas Gold Group for the sale.

Deliver Your Gold to Us

You may arrange a local drop off or we will arrange a fully-insured courier and delivery service from any US location directly from your door.

Your Gold is Received

at our secure vaulted delivery location where our packages are inventoried using advanced video surveillance systems.

Receive Your Payment

We issue prompt payments via wire transfer, check or bank check. When timely transactions are important, chose Midas Gold Group.

Selling Gold & Silver Locally

If you live near one of our offices, you may contact Midas Gold Group to arrange a private and secure reception for delivery and sale of your gold.

Selling Gold & Silver From A Distance

Just because you don’t live near a large institutional precious metals buyer doesn’t mean you can’t get the same price and the same great service. At Midas Gold Group we arrange pickup and delivery of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium every day all over the country. We work with all major carriers to pick up and deliver fully insured shipments of gold and silver from any domestic location using our bulk-rate insurance carrier. We can arrange a secure pickup directly from your door.

Selling Your IRA Gold & Silver

Hundreds of thousands of people own gold and silver inside of their IRA but many have no idea how to sell that gold if they need to or desire to do so. Most Precious Metals IRA custodians such as Equity Trust Company, Strata Trust, Kingdom Trust, New Direction Trust Company, and many others are “self-directed IRA custodians”. This means that these custodians will hold approved IRA assets for you but will not act as a dealer to sell those assets. You need a third party buyer/dealer to work with your trust company. Midas Gold Group works with all major gold IRA companies and Precious Metals IRA storage facilities so we can buy the gold and silver in your IRA quickly and securely.

Many people also don’t understand that you ARE NOT required to sell your IRA gold and silver back to the same company you purchased it from. You, as an investor, should find a company that offers a competitive price, superior customer service, and prompt payment. At Midas Gold Group you will find the best of all worlds when you sell your IRA precious metals through us.

The process of selling the gold and silver in your IRA with Midas Gold Group is simple:

Designate Us As a Dealer

If we are not already a dealer of record for your IRA account, you will need to sign a form to give us purchasing authorization.

Sign a Sales Agreement

You will agree to the terms of the sale of your precious metals with our buyer and sign an agreement for us to purchase your IRA precious metals.

Direct the Transfer

No costly shipping required! You simply direct your IRA custodian to transfer your precious metals to our account at the storage facility.

We Pay Your IRA

We will issue a prompt payment to your IRA custodian, effectively turning the precious metals in your IRA into cash available for immediate transfer or distribution.

Once the process is complete, you can do whatever you want with the cash in your IRA: even transfer it to another IRA or take a distribution. Best of all: Midas Gold Group will help you with every step of this process to make it fast and easy. Midas Gold Group has earned the title of America’s Most Trusted Gold IRA Company and when you sell your IRA gold with us you will see why!

When you designate us as a representative on your Precious Metals IRA, we are also available to help you with important IRA matters such as:

  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Precious Metals In-Kind Distributions
  • Precious Metals IRA Liquidations
  • IRA Transfers and Rollovers
  • Portfolio Evaluations
  • Making Annual Contributions

Rare Coin Consignment Arrangements

Do you have a rare coin or collection of rare coins that might appeal to a special buyer? If so, you may not want to sell your coins in a hurry. Instead, you may wish to enter into a consignment agreement with Midas Gold Group. Midas Gold Group has access to global buyers who seek rare, valuable, and unusual items that may rarely trade and may have a very arbitrary value. With a consignment agreement, Midas Gold Group will market your coins to find that special buyer and get premium value for your rare coins. If you own truly rare coins that you wish to sell, ask about our consignment program today.

Selling Rare Gold & Silver Coins at Auction

Sometimes the best way to sell certain rare coins is to take them to a rare coin and collectibles auction. As a licensed precious metals dealer, Midas Gold Group regularly sponsors client’s rare coins in some of the most prestigious global rare coin auctions: Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Heritage, Stacks & Bowers are just a few of the auction houses we work with on behalf of our clients. If you have a collection worthy of auction, our rare coin concierge service will work with you and sponsor your coin in the auction with maximum visibility to buyers.

Ask one of our experts if auction may be the best way to get maximum value from the sales of your rare or collector coins.

Precious Metals Depository & Comex Facility Transactions

If you are an investor who owns IRA or other precious metals at a depository, we are a trusted resource if you wish to sell, trade, or buy more precious metals on your storage account. Midas Gold Group has accounts at all major North American depositories and COMEX facilities including:

  • Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC)
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • International Depository Services (IDS)
  • Brinks Global Services
  • First State Depository
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • CNT Depository

If you wish to sell or otherwise transact business with precious metals stored at a precious metals depository, it can be done in one simple transaction with Midas Gold Group. You will simply order the transfer of your precious metals to the account of Midas Gold Group. Midas Gold Group will issue a prompt payment to you or whatever account you direct us to pay. Sizeable transactions can be transferred and paid through third-party escrow.


While most bullion sales are not required by law to be reported, certain types of gold and precious metal sales do require reporting. Reporting is almost never required when a client makes a non-cash purchase from a dealer but may be required when the dealer purchases bullion from an individual. Precious metal dealers are required to report the following type of bullion precious metal purchases from individuals (using IRS for 1099-B):

  • The purchase of gold bars with a minimum purity of .995 that are 1 kilo (32.15 troy ounces) in aggregate or more.
  • The purchase of silver bars with a minimum purity of .999 that are 1,000 troy ounces or more in aggregate.
  • The purchase of platinum bars with a minimum purity of .9995 that are 25 troy ounces or more in aggregate.
  • The purchase of palladium bars with a minimum purity .9995 fineness that are 100 troy ounces or more in aggregate.
  • The purchase of Gold Krugerrands, Gold Maple Leafs, and Mexican Onzas in 1-ounce size where the quantity purchased is greater than 25 coins.
  • The purchase of 90% US silver coins in any combination of dimes, quarters or half dollars where the aggregate face value is greater than $1,000.

All precious metals dealers are required to report certain types of cash transactions including cash transactions over $10,000.00 USD. Precious Metal Dealers are also required to comply with the Patriot Act and enforce anti-money laundering policies.

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