Silver Britannia

The Great British Silver Britannia is a silver coin released annually by the London Royal Mint since 1997; the .999 fine silver coin has legal tender status of £2.

Silver Australian Swan

With only 25,000 minted annually, the Australian Silver Swan is highly sought after bullion coin with exquisite detailed design and an impressive .9999 silver purity.

Silver Somalia African Elephant

The .999 fine silver Somalia Silver Elephant coin is rich in history and design; it is struck in Germany by the Bavarian State Mint for the Government of Somalia.

Silver Australian Kookaburra

The Australian Silver Kookaburra is an elegant and beautiful .9999 fine silver bullion coin produced by the Perth Mint of Australia featuring the famous native bird.

Canadian Silver Polar Bear

Meticulously crafted with enhanced RCM security features and proof-like mirrored finishes accented by frosted areas, the distinctive half-ounce silver coins are an excellent way to add fractional silver to your holdings.

Liberty Bell Silver Round

The privately minted Liberty Bell Silver Round by A-Mark Precious Metals is a popular low premium silver coin with .999 fine displaying a tribute to US History.

Silver Buffalo Round

The Buffalo Silver Round is a .999 fine one-ounce coin from SilverTown private mint; it is a low-premium silver bullion coin struck in the Buffalo Nickel design.

90% US Silver Coins

A reminder of the now abandoned gold and silver standard, 90% Junk Silver Coin bags or rolls are a very cheap way to own US government silver at a low premium.

40% US Silver Coins

40% Clad Silver or “Junk Silver”, sold in bags or rolls of various Kennedy Clad Half Dollar or Eisenhower Dollars, is generally the cheapest way to own silver.

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