Platinum Coins

Platinum American Eagle

The $100 face value Brilliant Uncirculated American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum coin of the US Government coming in 1 ounce size and .9995 fineness.

Platinum Vienna Philharmonic

The Vienna or Austrian Platinum Philharmonic coin is a .9995 richly designed platinum bullion coin available in 1 troy ounce size from the Austrian Mint in Vienna.

Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf has been available from the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988 in one ounce and fractional sizes containing .9995 pure platinum bullion.

Platinum Australian Platypus

The Australian Platinum Platypus coin is a legal tender coin in Australia containing 1 troy ounce of .9995 platinum bearing the unique iconic picture of the Platypus.

Platinum Britannia

The Great British Platinum Britannia coin is the world’s newest government minted platinum bullion product. It is .9995% pure platinum and IRA eligible.

Platinum Chinese Panda

The Platinum Chinese Panda is a very limited mintage coin. Its quality, .9995 purity, scarcity and visual appeal make it a favorite among many investors.

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