IRA Eligible Silver Bars

Silver Valcambi CombiBar

A true engineering marvel, the patented Valcambi CombiBar is actually 100 individual perfectly stamped 1 gram silver bars divisible without losing silver.

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar

RCM Silver Bars (Royal Canadian Mint) are rare in that they are a high quality silver bullion bars from a government mint in .9999 fineness with a unique serial numbers.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

Even though the Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are no longer produced, they are the “gold standard” of privately minted .999 fine silver bullion bars.

Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

The Sunshine Mint is a world-renowned mint known for quality products and a leader in anti-counterfeiting technology; their silver bars are quality .999 silver.

Engelhard Silver Bar

.999 pure Silver Engelhard Bars were minted for decades up until the 1980s; though no longer minted, their popularity has left many behind in the secondary market.

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