Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g

A simple no-nonsense approach makes this 16 Troy ounce cast gold bar an attractive way to buy a significant amount of gold at low premiums over spot.

General Details

Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g Key Features

  • Obverse features the only engravings: Valcambi logo, weight, material, and purity, as well as a unique serial number
  • Reverse has no markings just a rough, matte finish
  • Arrives in protective plastic sleeves

The Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g

The Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g, like other cast gold bars, is a convenient and affordable way to diversify your portfolio into a significant amount of gold.

The absence of complexity and design are two primary factors behind the affordability of cast gold bars such as the 500 g Valcambi Cast Gold Bar.

The design of 500 g Valcambi Cast Gold Bars is simple, with only text engravings featured on the obverse face. The lack of a refined design helps keep the price lower than the average premium over the spot price of gold.

Another reason for the low premiums has to do with much fewer steps in the process. Cast bars are created by melting gold in a vat and then pouring the liquid gold into a cast to solidify into the shape of the cast and left to cool. It’s a straightforward technique that requires fewer steps in the production process.

The obverse of the Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g have the only engravings you’ll see on these products. The engravings include the Valcambi logo, refinery name, weight, purity, and metal content of the bar and its serial number and year of issue.

Valcambi Minted Ingots or Cast Bars

Valcambi Suisse gold bars are either minted ingots or cast gold bars. Each gold bar and minted ingot from Valcambi Suisse has the same design engraved on it.

As the simplest form of purchasing gold bullion, cast gold bars have low premiums. The Valcambi refinery creates cast bars in an easy, no-frills manner. Valcambi refineries heat the gold to its melting point. Smelters then pour the liquid gold into prefabricated, heat-resistant molds. The gold is left in casts to cool. They are left in the open air to cool naturally or enclosed within the mold until the gold bar cools. And that’s pretty much it—end of story.

On the other hand, Minted bars go through many more stages in the production workflow, including separation from a long strip of a processed gold metal, rolled to a precise thickness, acid-washed, polished, and pressed. The whole process requires a complex setup and hefty machinery. That’s why the premiums are higher.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

The Valcambi Suisse Brand

Founded in 1961 in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi Suisse has quickly won a reputation as one of the world’s foremost producers of gold bullion products. The specialty of this particular mint is investment bullion, including silver, gold, and platinum bullion bars.

Swiss Valcambi Mint products have earned global prestige. The Midas Gold Group is honored to offer these quality bullion bars to clients. It’s an opportunity to tap into the Valcambi legacy of excellence with the expense of 1 oz gold bars. Don’t trust the banks or the market to preserve your wealth. Diversify with convenient bullion products like the 1 g Valcambi Gold Bar.

Some Facts About Gold

Gold is solid yet soft and malleable. Gold is the most malleable of all the metals. Gold is often combined with different alloys to give it more durability because pure gold is too soft to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday wear. That’s why the early pre-1933 gold coinage was only 90% gold. The remaining 10% had to be copper to make the coin rugged enough for circulation.

Another interesting fact about gold is that it doesn’t react to its environment. Gold isn’t affected by water or oxygen, so it doesn’t rust or tarnish. Most gold comes from load deposits. To get gold out of load deposits require hard rock mining more than a thousand feet underground. It’s labor-intensive work that requires drilling, blasting, and a great deal of sweat.

In its natural state, gold isn’t pure. It’s intertwined with other metals such as silver. Mined gold ore has to be processed to extract the gold. A metric ton of ore yields only six and a half grams of gold.

Every county keeps some of its monetary reserves in gold. There is only one reason why. The price of gold is stable. It has held its value for thousands of years. Every government on Earth prints currency that fluctuates constantly. For many decades the fluctuation of the world’s currency has been trending downward.

US debt has doubled in 4 years because of printing currency. Gold is more attractive to investors than ever before.


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Valcambi Gold Bar 500 g
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.9999 pure gold
4Dimensions40 mm × 85 mm × 8.40 mm
5Weight500 g (16.075 troy oz)
8MintValcambi Suisse
9Years of Mintage
10IRA EligibleYes
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