Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

The Sunshine Mint is a world-renowned mint known for quality products and a leader in anti-counterfeiting technology; their silver bars are quality .999 silver.

General Details

Looking for an elegant and affordable way to bulk up on your silver holdings? There may be no better option than the Sunshine Mint Silver Bar. Here we highlight Sunshine’s 10-ounce silver bar a truly state-of-the-numismatic-art at bulk bullion price offering from the forward-thinking folks at the Sunshine Mint.

Although relatively new on the scene, the Sunshine Mint has quickly developed a sterling reputation among investors who appreciate the mint’s dedication to both quality control and whip-smart security measures devised to guarantee the authenticity of its products.

About the Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

The front side of the bar lists the purity and weight in an attractive stamping; it reads Ten Troy Ounces and .999 Fine Silver. Also on the obverse, the Sunshine Mint eagle graces us with its noble presence, its talons extended in exalted triumph. The reverse side depicts a glorious sunrise that frames an ingenious security measure, known as the mint mark SI: the word Valid will appear, if the bar is legitimate, when examined through a decoding lens.

The heightened attention to security, as well as the bar’s convenient, easily-storable size (compare to a larger smartphone at 3.6 by 2 by .27 inches), makes this product a uniquely attractive item on the silver bullion market.

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Other Features

These bars are struck rather than poured, and they simply look great because of it. They come sealed in airtight plastic to prevent blemishing. They’re also IRA eligible. Any investor who has an inkling that the value of silver is on the rise would behoove themselves to invest in Sunshine silver.

Silver bars, after all, represent one of the most affordable ways to beef up your silver holdings. Add to that affordability the assured authenticity and simple elegance of this product, and there’s no question that the Sunshine bar is one terrific value.

As always, Midas Gold Group is more than happy to advise prospective buyers on whether the Sunshine Mint Silver Bar is right for your hard asset portfolio and overall investment goals.


Standard shipping time is 1–7 business days.

Sunshine Mint Silver Bar
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.999 fine silver
4Dimensions90.00 mm × 51.90 mm × 6.70 mm
5Weight10.0000 troy oz (311.04 g)
8MintSunshine Mint Idaho
9Years of Mintage
10IRA EligibleYes
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  1. Interested in Silver bars 1 Oz and 10 Oz, can you send the quote along with Min. order.


  2. Michele Connolly Michele August 21, 2022 at 6:06 am Reply

    Interested in 10-ounce silver bar cost for sunshine mint, please send price.

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