Silver South African Krugerrand

First struck in 2017, the .999 pure South African Silver Krugerrand was issued to incredible fanfare to marking 50th anniversary of Gold Krugerrand production.

General Details

The Gold South African Krugerrand, first struck in 1967, is the oldest gold bullion coin still minted today as well as one of the most popular. 2017 was an exciting year for the South African Mint with the first-ever release of a Silver Krugerrand. The coin was launched partly in the South African Mint’s celebration of 50 years of presence in the bullion coin market. As always, buying Silver South African Krugerrand coins from Midas Gold Group, is an assurance of value, authenticity, and quality.

About Silver South African Krugerrand Coins

From 1967 until the 1980s the Gold Krugerrand was the only government-guaranteed bullion coin available to the global market. 2017 marked five decades of excellence in creating a gold bullion product. The new Silver South African is distributed in “Premium Uncirculated” condition. The investment community has been quick to quickly buy up all Silver Krugerrands released by the mint since their release. The fact that, unlike the South African Gold Krugerrand, the Silver counterpart is an approved IRA asset has made it even more popular in the United States.

The mintage of the South African Silver Krugerrand has crossed one million coins. However, even with such an extended production, the South African Silver Krugerrand still remains hard to find globally.

Design and Weight

Each 1 oz Silver Krugerrand coin features the conventional image of a Springbok antelope, which is the national symbol of South Africa. These animal species are commonly found throughout the southern nations of the African continent. On the reverse side of the coin, it carries the famous portrait of Paul Kruger, the country’s first president. Each coin is made up of 99.9% pure silver roughly 1.5248 inches (38.73 mm) in diameter and weighs 1 troy ounce, which is produced by The South African Mint who is the official sovereign mint of South Africa.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

Silver Krugerrand Highlights

  • Available in individual plastic, tubes of 25 coins, or boxes of 500 coins!
  • Minted in 1 troy oz of .999 pure silver
  • Legal tender in South Africa with the guarantee of the South African Government
  • The Silver Krugerrand is IRA eligible.
  • The coins are distributed from the mint in sealed plastic tubes of 25. Mint sealed ‘Monster boxes’ contain 500 coins or 20 tubes.

In today’s era, there is always a high demand for silver coins; which attracts interest among numismatists and investors. This is your chance to grab history in the silver bullion coin market. Midas Gold Group brings you the most innovative gold and silver products such as the South African Silver Krugerrand at a tremendous great value. Please reach out to us for questions and to check availability. Call our customer representative team, chat online with us, or simply email us, we are always at your service.


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Silver South African Krugerrand
1Denomination1 Rand
3Composition.999 fine silver
4Diameter1.5248 inches (38.73 mm)
5Weight1.0002 troy oz (31.11 g)
8MintSouth African Mint
9Years of MintageSince 2017
10IRA EligibleYes
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