Silver Buffalo Round

The Buffalo Silver Round is a .999 fine one-ounce coin from SilverTown private mint; it is a low-premium silver bullion coin struck in the Buffalo Nickel design.

General Details

The 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round represents an excellent choice for the bullion enthusiast looking to bulk up on their silver holdings. While still very dependable in quality, this Silver Buffalo Round coin comes at a lower price point than comparative government-issue bullion of the same weight and purity.

With the value of silver arguably poised to rise due to spiking demand from increasingly industrial international players like China and India, there’s never been a better time to get into the silver game.

About the Silver Buffalo Rounds

These are mint-condition, non-circulated rounds minted by private US purveyors. Each Silver Buffalo Round contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. They’re 39 mm in diameter, easily stackable and easy to store.

The obverse presents a Native American Indian with the motto Liberty stamped on the top right. The back of the coin shows an American buffalo holding court over a mound of Great Plains dirt. Each round is hallmark-stamped, listing weight and purity; they also feature a reeded edge.

The design of the rounds hankers back to James Earle Fraser’s classic composition first introduced on the Buffalo Nickel in 1913. Earle’s memorable design often gets the nod from numismatic aesthetes as perhaps the best designed of any American coin.

Because they’re privately struck rather than issued by the US Mint, these lustrous rounds come at a remarkably affordable price. They’re also IRA eligible, which is a big plus for anyone looking to diversify their metal holdings.

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About the Mint

Several private silver mints produce a buffalo round design; however, the rounds bearing the traditional design come form the SilverTowne Mint located in Winchester, Indiana. The design is are based on the concept of having an easily stackable coin. Each Buffalo Silver Round, when stacked on top of other, will interlock with the other coins keeping the stack in place rather than falling over. This feature is convenient for storage.

SilverTowne originally opened in 1949 as small rural coin shop in rural Winchester, Indiana in 1949. In 1973 the company expanded operations into refining and minting. The company has been known for high quality standards every since.

In general, silver offers a dependable metal market to trade in. In fact, silver seems to be only gaining in worldwide utility as new applications are discovered in the telecommunications, medical, energy and automotive fields. Cheaper than gold, it’s also more practical and more affordable.

As always, Midas Gold Group is more than happy to advise prospective buyers on whether the Silver Buffalo Round is right for your collection. Any coin bought from us will always come to you in immaculate condition straight from the mint itself.


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Silver Buffalo Round
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.999 fine silver
4Diameter1.5354 inches (39.00 mm)
5Weight1.0000 troy oz (31.10 g)
8MintSilverTowne Mint
9Years of MintageSince 2015
10IRA EligibleYes
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