Proof Gold American Eagle

The American Gold Eagle proof coin is a continuation of a nearly 200 year tradition of the US Mint to produce limited mintage spectacular coins with special dyes and strikes.

General Details

Classic collections are showcased by amassing rare brands of coins of various numismatic values. But a great coin collection attains even a higher merit when the 1 oz Proof Gold American Eagles become a part of it. This coin, since its inaugural mint batch in the year 1986, has been very popular among both the collectors and the investors. The popularity of the Proof Gold Eagle is because of its beauty and US government-guaranteed 1 ounce of fine gold. On a global pedestal, it belongs in the Most Beautiful Gold Coin category.

The beauty of the Proof Gold American Eagle is not just because of the flawless polish and the genuineness of the gold, but for the aesthetic and emotional designs on the coin. While on one side the coin displays a poised stride of the Lady Liberty carrying a burning torch and a symbolic olive branch against the blazing rays of the sun; on the other side a filial scene is portrayed where a male eagle with an olive branch in its talons, is flying home to its consort and offspring. This obverse is the very beauty of the coins that has been adapted from the 1907 Golden Double Eagle imprint of the famous Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The designs signify the strong bonds of American families.

The 1 oz Proof Gold American Eagle coins are made to undergo a meticulous process to create a great batch of well-endowed high-grade bullion coins. The coins are first hued in special dye and then the lustrous coins are struck with the imprints for the design incorporation. The mirror backdrop finish is the classic embellish of national elegance. The coins are then parceled in a noble and gorgeous blue velvet box with an official letter of US Mint Certification attesting the Proof Eagle’s purity, weight, and overall content.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

Many investors prefer gold coins over traditional gold bullion as the coins can be more efficient in transactions and are guaranteed by a government mint. For the collectors, the coins are always the more preferable choice over any other collectibles. The rarity of the Proof Gold American Eagles makes them especially desirable for coin collectors. Midas Gold Group is the best place for getting all the information about the American Proof Gold Eagle. We not only provide accountable and credible statistics on the product and their authenticity but also stock a variant selection of well-conditioned & original Proof Gold Eagles along with certificates. Midas Gold Group is also America’s Most Trusted Gold IRA company. IRAs are currently the US Government’s mainstream outlet for distributing limited-edition Proof Gold Eagle. We are also privy of the fact that only a handful number of these coins are being minted out each year in variable bullion sizes of 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and the famous 1 oz which can be purchased either as individuals or in sets. Midas Gold Group knows the true monetary and ethical value of the Proof Gold Eagle. Midas Gold Group delivers these coins to our clients exactly as they are sent from the US Mint, complete with its presentation box and US Government Certificate of Authenticity.

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Proof Gold American Eagle
3Composition.9167 gold, .0300 silver, balance copper
4Diameter1.287 inches (32.70 mm)
5Weight1.0909 troy oz (33.931 g)
7DesignAugustus Saint-Gaudens | Miley Frances Busiek
8Mint and Mint MarkWest Point Mint — W
9Years of MintageSince 1986
10IRA EligibleYes
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