PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (In Assay)

The PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum bar comes from the world-renowned Swiss mint in .9995 purity with a unique serial number and a certificate of assay.

General Details

Since the 1980s, platinum has played a large role in enticing investors to broaden their hard-asset portfolio beyond gold and silver. Platinum offers bullion coins and many other options for you to purchase. However, right now, you can lay your hands on 1 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (Lady Fortuna) available online from Midas Gold. Bring home a symbol of prosperity and luck with the eye-pleasing 1 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (Lady Fortuna) design.

A Beautiful Design

The 1 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum bar looks immensely beautiful with the decorative motif of PAMP’s Lady Fortuna inscribed on it. PAMP is known around the world for its authenticity and quality, whereas Fortuna rules everyone’s heart for being the most recognizable motif from the PAMP Suisse series. What better than this combination?

History of Fortuna

In Ancient Rome, Fortuna was worshiped as a goddess for bestowing fortune. She was represented with symbols like globe, wheel, wreath, and cornucopia. Hence, the PAMP Suisse Platinum bar has a Roman goddess as a symbol of prosperity with her fabled attributes: poppies, Sheaves of wheat, a Horn of Plenty, Wheel of Fortune and precious coins. Superstitious investors believe Fortuna will bestow luck on those who chooses the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (Lady Fortuna).

Bar Specifications

The reverse of the bar features a logo of the refinery, along with identifying markers such as the weight, purity and metal content of the platinum bar. At the bottom, there is an assayer’s mark with a serial number uniquely inscribed. It also reflects over the assay card which is included in the packing. Obverse has an image of Fortuna where riches are dropping in her hands.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar Highlights

  • Designed by PAMP Suisse, world’s leading brand in bullion.
  • Crafted from 1 troy oz of .9995 platinum of greatest purity.
  • Measurements are 40 mm × 23 mm × 4 mm.
  • The 1 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (Lady Fortuna) qualifies for use in Precious Metal Platinum IRAs.
  • Comes from the renowned Fortuna series of PAMP Suisse
  • Reaches you in a sealed PAMP Suisse original protective packaging with an assay card
  • An assay card verifies the purity, serial number and weight of the platinum bar.

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PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar (In Assay)
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.9995 fine platinum
4Dimensions40 mm × 23 mm × 4 mm
5Weight1.0000 troy oz (31.11 g)
8MintPAMP Suisse
9Years of Mintage
10IRA EligibleYes
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