PAMP Silver Kilo Bar

The popular PAMP Silver Kilo Bars are .999 fine cast bars cleanly stamped with serial number and date of production and represent a level of quality expected from one of the world’s leading brands of bullion products.

General Details

The PAMP Silver Kilo Bar

PAMP Suisse is a prestigious refinery and manufacturer of precious metals bullion products. The PAMP Silver Kilo Bar is the brand’s most popular larger-weight bar because it offers an attractive balance of cost-per-weight ratio. PAMP Silver Kilo Bars represent a cost-effective way of acquiring a significant amount of silver. Customers who purchase the PAMP Silver Kilo Bars like the look and feel of the product, especially the frosted finish so characteristic of these bars.

The PAMP Silver Kilo Bars result from a casting process in which molten silver is poured into specially designed molds and allowed to cool and harden. After solidification, each bar is removed from the mold or cast and treated to various finishing stages, including a brushed matte finish giving the obverse a beautiful, frosted appearance. The PAMP Suisse logo and product information is cleanly stamped onto the cast silver bars using an incuse strike.

Bar Design

PAMP manufactures a full line of metal bars for all weights, purities, shapes, and sizes in the precious metals group, including gold, silver, and platinum. Each bar bears the PAMP Suisse logo, followed by the bar’s weight, stating that the bar is silver and has 999 silver purity. Next is the Essayeur Fondeur emblem. Below is the month and year of creation and unique serial number.

Each bar is evaluated and assessed by Federal assayers and is independent of the refinery. These assayers work following the Swiss Precious Metals Control (LCMP) rules and regulations. The Federal assayers take orders from the instructions of the Central Office for Precious Metals in Bern.

Individual orders of the PAMP Silver Kilo bars arrive inside a protective plastic sleeve.

Key Features

  • The obverse features the PAMP logo and identifying markers such as weight fineness, a unique serial number, month, and year of production struck into a polished surface
  • Reverse has no markings and an unfinished surface
  • Assay certificate included
  • Smooth rounded edges

PAMP Silver Kilo Bar Pricing

Silver bars are different from bullion coins. Since the bars are not legal tender, they do not have face value; however, silver bars offer a distinct advantage over silver bullion coins. The casting process is more straightforward. They’re less expensive than making bullion coins because they’re not as many steps in the manufacturing process.

The Market cost of bars is much closer to the spot price of silver. In other words, there is less of a premium compared to other bullion products. The spot price of silver is the amount an investor pays to purchase a single ounce. Additional costs over the spot price cover the cost to manufacture the product and are also subject to supply and demand.

Why do they call it “spot price?” The word “spot” price refers to the current cost of the precious metal. In commodity spot contracts, payment is immediately due upon delivery. The deal is completed on the spot.

The market price is what makes the value of assets in an investment or retirement portfolio. Silver prices go up and down each trading day. The fluctuation of spot prices causes the price of PAMP Silver Bars to rise and fall daily.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

The PAMP Suisse Brand

PAMP Suisse began in 1977 and is the country’s top refiner of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in Switzerland. Based in Ticino, Switzerland, PAMP Suisse uses state-of-the-art refining and fabrication equipment to create its vast catalog of precious metal bullion products.

MKS PAMP Group’s parent company is headquartered in Geneva and has over 50 years of trading experience. Because of the organization’s worldwide presence and influence, market specialization, and vertical integration, MKS PAMP group provides customers access to unrivaled market flow information.

Controlled by the Swiss Federal Bureau, the MKS PAMP Group maintains, since 2013, the Good Delivery standing from the LBMA, Swiss National Bank, TOCOM, COMEX, and NUMEX. The PAMP Suisse company has connections with precious metals conglomerates worldwide. The MKS Group distributes the bullion coins of South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, and England.


Standard shipping time is 1–7 business days.

PAMP Silver Kilo Bar
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.999 pure silver
4Dimensions53 mm × 116 mm × 17.5 mm
5Weight1 kg (32.15 troy oz)
8MintPAMP Suisse
9Years of Mintage
10IRA EligibleYes
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