Engelhard Silver Bar

.999 pure Silver Engelhard Bars were minted for decades up until the 1980s; though no longer minted, their popularity has left many behind in the secondary market.

General Details

Acquiring silver bars is a steady means of caring wealth against the instability of stock markets. There are numerous silver bars available to investors in the market, but silver cast bars such as the Engelhard bar are often preferred by investors seeking quality bulk silver investments. Engelhard silver bars come in various sizes with the 100 ounce and 10 ounce size being the most popular. Engelhard, a US based precious metals refiner has a log history and solid reputation in the industry.

About Engelhard Silver Bar

Due to their rich history, Engelhard’s precious metal products have always been highly respected and a primary choice for investors seeking quality products and low premiums. Charles W. Engelhard originally founded Engelhard Corporation in New Jersey in 1902. While the company originally focused on platinum smelting and refining, product line rapidly expanded to include silver and gold bars. Due to immense popularity, Engelhard Corporation became the world’s largest refiner and fabricator of gold in the early 20th century. Today, a German chemical manufacturer BASF owns Engelhard Corporation. However, Engelhard Silver Bars are still famous worldwide. Engelhard Silver Bars are no longer in production nowadays; the only ones offered in the market are available on a secondary market but are still a quality product to purchase when they are available.

Design and Weight

The 10-ounce Engelhard Silver Bar featured here contains 10 oz of .999 fine silver; every Engelhard Silver Bars has a cast finishing. A cast finish is made by melting the silver and pouring into the preformed mold, later stamping of inscriptions are done. You will find amazing engraving across the surface of the bar along with the logo of Engelhard. It also has six-digit numeric code that is the serial number.

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Silver Bar Highlights

  • Contains 10 troy oz of .999 pure silver bar.
  • Basic engravings featured on the Silver bars side.
  • Roughcast, matte finish to the Silver bar.
  • Refined by Engelhard Corporation.
  • Silver Bars are packaged in a protective cardboard box.
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.
  • Each Silver bar carries stamp of Engelhard name with the weight and purity
  • Each Silver Bar has a unique serial number that or “hallmark”

Adding an iconic silver bar to your investment portfolio. Many serious investors and collectors are looking to buy silver and they consider Engelhard Silver Bars to be the standard-bearer in American-made precious metals. Midas Gold Group brings you the most innovative gold and silver products with 5-star service and tremendous value. Please reach out if for questions and queries. Call our customer representative team, chat online with us, or simply email us, we are always at your service.


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Engelhard Silver Bar
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.999 fine silver
4Dimensions151.80 mm × 76.78 mm × 26.89 mm
5Weight100.0000 troy oz (3,110.35 g)
9Years of Mintage1982–1987
10IRA EligibleYes
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