Credit Suisse Palladium Bar (In Assay)

Backed by the world renowned Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland, the .9995 pure palladium bar in an excellent and efficient way to own quality palladium bullion.

General Details

Palladium is a precious metal that has been mostly overlooked by everyone on this earth. Only a few mints strike coins or produce bars with this metal. However, there is a strong market where investors have great interest in buying palladium for its value and scarcity. Here, you are getting a chance to grab 1 oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar (In Assay) from Midas Gold Group.

About Palladium

Palladium is a silver-white precious metal famous for being a rare and noble element. It is quite similar to platinum since it belongs to the platinum precious metal group including platinum, osmium, ruthenium, rhodium, and iridium. Additionally, palladium shares chemical properties with these metals; however it’s least dense as compared to other metals in the group. Accounts of this metal go back over six hundred years to South American Indians. It was not officially not recognized to be an element until William Hyde Wollaston‘s discovery in 1803. Wollaston discovered palladium almost by accident while he was experimenting with the platinum ore. The name palladium was given by Wollaston after a Greek Goddess of Pallas, wisdom and an asteroid discovered during that time.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

Credit Suisse Palladium Bar Highlights

  • 1 oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar contains 1 troy ounce of .9995 Palladium in its purest form
  • The Palladium bar reaches you in a protective assay card.
  • It’s qualifies for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Refined privately in Switzerland
  • Obverse has identifying Credit Suisse Logo showing purity, serial number and weight.
  • Reverse is plain or repeats a Credit Suisse logo.
  • The measurements are 40 mm × 23 mm × 4 mm with lipped edges.

Credit Suisse has become the most renowned brand in the global marketplace of precious metals. The company reaches globally and has its active operations in more than 50 countries, having more than 48,200 employees, with a great presence in 150 different countries and more.

If you want suggestions in picking the right palladium products please do not hesitate in reaching out to Midas Gold Group. We are available via web chat phone, and email. Also you can glance over our website for more precious metals product details!


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Credit Suisse Palladium Bar (In Assay)
1DenominationNo face value
3Composition.9995 fine palladium
4Dimensions40 mm × 23 mm × 4 mm
5Weight1.0000 troy oz (31.11 g)
8MintCredit Suisse
9Years of Mintage
10IRA EligibleYes
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