50 Pesos Gold Coin

The 50 Pesos Gold Coin, also known as the Centenario, is a beautiful and majestic Mexican bullion coin containing 1.2057 troy ounces of 21.6 karat gold and is ideal for investors because of the extra amount of gold and the universal ease of liquidation.

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General Details

Investors highly seek the 50 Pesos Gold Coin because it is more affordable than American Gold Eagles. It has lower markups than other bullion coin premiums. Yet, the purchaser gets more value from their investment because of the increased weight. The 50 Pesos Gold Coin has twenty percent more gold than other bullion coins.

50 Pesos Gold Coin Key Features

  • Actual Gold Content is 1.20565 troy ounces
  • Obverse Depiction: The Winged Goddess Nike (Victory)
  • Reverse Depiction: The Golden Eagle devours a rattlesnake from the Mexico Coat of Arms
  • 50 Pesos face value backed by the Government of Mexico

The High Demand by Gold Investors

Unlike other gold coins from Mexico, the 50 Pesos Gold Coin is highly liquid on the world stage. Like all gold bullion coins, their value increases over time. The supply is limited, and the demand is high.

The Design of the 50 Pesos Gold Coin

The 50 Pesos Gold Coin is also known as the Centenario de Oro, and it represents the heritage of Mexico. The design of the 50 Pesos Gold Coin captures the pride of its people. The classic rendering by artist Emilio del Moral, shows the iconic Angel of Independence holding a laurel leaf crown of military triumph over the oppressors in one hand and broken chains of enslavement in the other. Behind her are the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihautl, the famous volcanoes of Mexico.

The modern-day 50 Pesos Gold Coins show two dates running along the bottom near the fee of the winged angel. The dates are 1821 and 1947. 1821 is when Mexico gained independence from Spain. The other date, 1947, was when 50 pesos were minted last.

The 50 Pesos Gold Coin is noteworthy for being the world’s first bullion gold coin. It wasn’t until many decades later, that South Africa would introduce its Gold Krugerrand to the world market in 1967.

After the introduction of the Krugerrand, many investors forgot about the 50 Pesos Gold Coin. Mexican 50 Pesos generally sold at lower premiums than Gold Eagles and Krugerrands because they were less well-known and had an odd weight compared to the 1 ounces coins. The tremendous success of South African Krugerrands in the early 1970s overshadowed the 50 Pesos. However, today many inventors are drawn to the beauty and allure of the 50 Pesos and often pay a larger premium for this coin, which is may times rarer than the Krugerrand and most all other modern bullion coins.

Midas Authenticity Guarantee

The reverse features an aspect of the Mexican Coat of Arms. The emblematic Golden Eagle perched atop a cactus gains the advantage in a battle with a rattlesnake.

Coins minted in 1943 are the key date for the series. There were only 83,000 minted and are the only year to have a design variation. The variation is on the obverse side; the gold content 37.5 Gr. ORO PURO appears on both sides of Victory.

The Origins of the Centenario

Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. Although Mexico’s independence did not take hold immediately, and the nation struggled to get on its feet for many years, the year 1821 holds significance in the heart of every Mexican as the year they won their liberty from Spain.

A giant column was built at the center of Mexico City in 1910 to mark the historical achievement. The El Angel de la Independencia, sits atop the column. The 6.7-meter statue is made of bronze and gold and depicts the Greek Goddess Nike to represent Victory. This image would become the inspiration for the nation’s first gold bullion coin eleven years later.

The Mexican Government ennobled the anniversary date with the first minting in 1921, Centenario, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the event. The coin wasn’t for circulation. It was not currency, although the face value of 50 pesos is on the coin. The denomination is only for legal reasons. The value of the coin changes according to the spot price of gold. The gold content symbolizes the establishment of power and enlightenment.


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50 Pesos Gold Coin
1Denomination50 Pesos
3Composition90% gold 10% copper
4Diameter1.46063 inches (37.1 mm)
5Weight1.3396 troy ounce (41.6666 g) (Fractionals available)
7DesignEmilio del Moral
8MintBanco de México
9Years of Mintage1921–1947, 1949–1972, 2000–2009
10IRA EligibleNo
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