20 Pesos Gold Coin

The finely crafted 20 Pesos Gold Coin provides resilient value and historical significance and is the second-largest denomination in the Mexico Gold Pesos series.

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General Details

20 Pesos Gold Coin Key Features

  • The actual gold content is almost a half of a troy ounce
  • Obverse Depiction: the Ancient Aztec Sun Stone
  • Reverse Depiction: the Golden Eagle conquering a rattlesnake from the Mexico Coat of Arms
  • 20 Pesos face value backed by the Government of Mexico

Originally released in 1921 in honor of the Centenario, Mexico’s first century of independence, this magnificent coin offers investors one of the most cost-effective ways to own physical gold.

The 20 Pesos Gold coin, minted by the world-renowned Banco de México, is almost one-half ounce of .900 fine gold. Mixed with small amounts of copper to make it more durable and protect it from damage, it has a dazzling golden brown color. The 20 Pesos Gold Coin’s smaller size makes it a popular barter coin and is easy to carry. An interesting detail is that there are no reporting requirements for buying or selling this gold coin.

Why the 20 Pesos Gold Coin is a Great Investment

Although the 20 Pesos Gold Coin featured here dates back to 1921, Mexico has a long history of gold coin production. The Gold Pesos are fascinating to investors because of their gold content, fine craftsmanship, and relatively low premiums compared to Gold Eagles and Gold Maple Leaves.

At nearly half an ounce, the 20 Pesos Gold Coin makes an impression when you see it, when you hold it in your hands. Because it is ninety percent gold and ten percent copper alloy, they are physically sturdy and less prone to wear and tear than pure gold bullion coins.

Since only .999 percent and above fine bullion products can be invested as part of an IRA, the 20 Pesos Gold coin is excluded from the IRS-approved Gold IRA bullion products list. Nevertheless, the 20 Pesos Gold Coins are an attractive addition to any portfolio.

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The Design of the 20 Pesos Gold Coin

The artwork shown on the 20 Pesos Mexican Coin design celebrates the origins of Aztec culture, which is such an essential part of Mexico’s culture.

Serving as the critical focal point of the obverse is the Aztec Calendar Stone. This sizeable ancient sculpture dates back to 1479 and the reign of the sixth Aztec monarch, Huey Tlatoani.

The sun is a central aspect of the obverse because the ancient Mexicans considered themselves people of the sun. The sun had a significant role in Aztec mythology; it forms the center of an elaborately carved solar disk representing ultimate rule over the heavens and earth.

Below the Aztec Calendar Stone, the Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl, is the coin’s denomination, weight, and purity inscribed in Spanish.

Mexico’s Coat of Arms is on the 20 Pesos Gold Coin’s reverse side with the United States of Mexico inscribed in Spanish across the top. As a long-standing symbol of Mexico’s culture, folklore, legends, and politics, the image of the eagle conquering the snake embodies the Mexican spirit and character. For the people of Tenochtitlan, it conveys the weight of religious conviction. Europeans have come to see it as good triumphing over evil.

During Mexico’s war against Spain, the Mexico Coat of Arms gave the people hope as they fought tirelessly against the invaders.

The Origins of the Centenario

Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. Although Mexico’s independence did not take hold immediately, and the nation struggled to get on its feet for many years, the year 1821 holds significance in the heart of every Mexican as the year they won their liberty from Spain.

The Mexican Government paid homage to the anniversary of its independence from Spain with the 1921 release of the Mexican Peso. The Peso series has since become the country’s most iconic coinage.


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20 Pesos Gold Coin
1Denomination20 Pesos
3Composition90% gold 10% copper
4Diameter1.0728346 inches (27.25 mm)
5Weight0.48 troy ounce (16.666 g)
6EdgeSmooth with lettering
7DesignJorge Encisco, Antonio Gomez R.
8MintBanco de México
9Years of Mintage1917–1921, 1959, 1960–1971, 1996
10IRA EligibleNo
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