Midas Gold Group provides live-24 hour spot pricing for palladium. We also provide interactive 10-year spot price history charts. Using our charts, you can track the historical price. You can also view price data over any selected date range and compare the palladium spot price to other investment assets classes.

Our spot-price feed comes from many global exchanges. It updates around the clock based on current global trades and is extremely accurate and dependable.


The Palladium spot price is the price for one troy ounce of palladium. Palladium trades on commodity exchanges around the world with some of the largest trading volumes from the CME Group (COMEX & NYMEX) in Chicago and New York and from the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). CME palladium contracts are traded in 100-ounce size and the palladium spot price is the price for one troy ounce of palladium for immediate delivery (or 1/100th of a futures contract).

As with other commodities, the prices for immediate delivery of an ounce of palladium or “spot price” is actually based on futures contracts. The spot prices are derived using the forward month palladium contract with the highest trading volume. While palladium futures contracts expire every month, the forward contract with the highest trading volume is not necessarily the contract nearest to expiration, therefore the palladium spot price may be calculated using a contract months away from the settlement.

Is the spot price of palladium the price I pay for a one-ounce palladium coin?

The price for a one-ounce palladium coin such as a Palladium American Eagle or a Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf is generally higher than the spot price of palladium. There are two reasons for this. First, the palladium bar delivered in a futures contract is an odd-weighted bar around 100-ounces while a purified and refined palladium coin is a minted product of that bar, thus bearing a higher price or premium over the spot price. Second, palladium contracts are dominated by ETF and speculating trading so that very little of contracts traded are actually delivered in physical form. Paper trading is not equal to the price of a minted coin or even a pure bar delivered directly to you. It is also worth noting that the American Palladium Eagle has been minted in very limited quantity and, due to high demand and limited supply, is valued well over the spot price on both the buy and the sell side. Even though palladium coins do not sell at the spot price, the spot price of palladium is the basis for the daily pricing of palladium coins at most palladium bullion dealers such as Midas Gold Group.


Ten years ago the spot price of palladium was only around $200 and it is now well over $2,500. Palladium recently hit an all-time high over $3,000 per ounce. It has gained in most of the past ten years recording significant annual losses only in 2011 and 2015. In fact, over the past ten years, palladium has been the strongest performing of all precious metals. It is very rare, over thirty times more rare than gold and reserve levels have been steadily shrinking as industrial demand has increased. Meanwhile, with most of the world’s palladium reserves geographically located South Africa and Russia, there has not been any significant new production.

You can read more about palladium as an investment and available palladium products.

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