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Guide to Owning Bullion and Coins

With this FREE Owning Bullion & Coins Guide, you will learn:


  • How to safeguard your savings
  • Ways to own physical precious metals
  • What a Gold IRA is
  • Advantages of Gold and Silver IRA
  • How to convert your 401(k) or IRA to gold and/or other precious metals
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Protect your Nest Egg from the Upcoming Storm

The veterans at Midas Gold Group believe we are in the middle of a controlled takedown of the constitution, the liberties, and values that makes America great. Our recommendation is to not believe the lies when it comes to the safety, privacy, and value of our money. Our dollar is fiat currency backed by nothing tangible like gold and silver. Learn how to protect your wealth with physical gold and silver, the only forms of real money that have survived for thousands of years in its original form. As our system heads toward a digital currency (CBDC), it is more important than ever to diversify some of your paper assets in a private and secure form that only you control.

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Fill Out The Form

Simply fill out the form above and supply your name, phone number, and email so one of our
experienced traders can contact you regarding your own unique situation. Midas Gold Group does not share client information with anyone. Filling out the form above guarantees you a personal and confidential evaluation so that you can have all the information needed to make the best possible decision for you. Precious metals are much simpler to own than you may think.

We Contact You

We understand that your time and privacy are important. We will make a conscience effort not to waste either. Contact is important because this could be one of the biggest financial decisions that you are going to make over the next few decades. We can show you how to allocate gold and how to lock in today’s gold and silver rate. We will walk you through the process of sending us a bank check, bank wire, IRA transfer, 401(k) rollover, or possibly converting cash into gold.

We Deliver Your Precious Metals

The markets and the banking system are not secure and safe, but the delivery of your gold and silver is. Whether your gold is delivered directly to you or your IRA depository, it will always be done in the most efficient and safe way possible. Deliveries are done privately for the most part by FedEx or UPS insured with a signature guarantee. Because Midas Gold Group has vaults throughout the country, the delivery process of your gold and silver is as fast and safe as possible in the entire industry.

About Midas Gold Group

Midas Gold Group is a veteran-owned and operated gold and precious metals dealer with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Our headquarters is in Phoenix, AZ and we have vaults positioned in different parts of the country. We have thousands of satisfied clients and do business in all 50 US states. We do offer a veteran’s discount upon request.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business A+ rating

This site is general in nature and not tailored to the specific goals of any individual. All investments carry risk. Some of those risks associated with precious metals include the following: prices may rise and fall, which means the value of your metals may go up or down over time and you may sell for more or less than you paid. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Midas Gold Group cannot guarantee, assure, or promise future market movement, prices, or profits. Even though Midas Gold Group and its representatives are precious metals specialists, we are not licensed financial advisors and do not give financial advice. Additionally, Midas Gold Group cannot provide tax or legal advice and will not advise as to the tax or legal consequences of purchasing or selling precious metals or opening a Precious Metals IRA. Individuals should consult with their investment, legal or tax professionals for such services.

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