Will Gold Take Down the Fed?

In 1963 this country lost a great man and leader, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. President Kennedy had great ambitions for this nation. One ambition was to make the US monetary system the strongest on earth. As part of his efforts to achieve this, he issued Executive Order 11110. In this Executive Order, President Kennedy attempted to take some power away from the Federal Reserve using Silver Certificates. He was trying to replace the Federal Reserve Notes with Silver Certificates, starting in smaller denominations of $1 and $2 bills. Kennedy understood the illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve and the “Notes” they printed. It was a scam and Kennedy knew it.

Given the fact that these same groups of con artists revoked gold ownership in 1933, Kennedy likely understood that backing our currency with silver would limit the power of central banks and strengthen the US currency. Hamstringing the Federal Reserve and its agenda to have total control over our money would be a major reason the bankers needed to get rid of him. This Executive Order 11110 never took any effect, and effectively died with President Kennedy, because in 1964 Douglas Dillon, the Secretary of the Treasury, revoked the Executive Order halting the redemption of silver certificates for silver dollars. Kennedy’s vision for removing the Federal Reserve’s grip on the American people’s throats and moving to sound money was scattered into the wind.

We now know that the “Deep State” killed Kennedy in 1963 by blowing his head off, and then in 1964 issued the silver half-dollar with his head on it. Pure evil. It’s also a very strange coincidence that 1964 would be the last year the government would issue silver in our coinage, going from 90% silver to clad (copper). While the Kennedy half dollar remained 40% silver until 1970, silver had been effectively phased out of our money for good except for US Mint sets which were for collectors rather than practical spending purposes.

There’s another very strange “coincidence”: by 1970 silver was effectively phased out of US currency. In 1971, Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard “temporarily due to speculators.” Soon after that, the deep state constructed Watergate, and with the public distracted, no one ever batted an eye that this country no longer used gold or silver as money.

With the real money out of the system, our country began its track on the petrodollar. The US would now require countries around the world to purchase oil in the Middle East using US dollars. As the monetary system went full fiat, in other words, money backed by nothing. The result of this interest rate-based system is that over time things became more expensive. We began to have wars and conflicts around the world. Interest rates skyrocketed in the 1980s. When Ronald Reagan became President, he did what he could to Make America Great, but with George H. W. Bush as his Vice President, it would prove to be a tough task to allow America to thrive. In 1981 Ronald Reagan, just like President Kennedy, was shown with a bullet that if he wanted to give American power to the people, it could cost him his life. It nearly did. President Reagan narrowly escaped death and thankfully managed to get reelected for another term.

In 1985 President Reagan saw an opportunity to create the Liberty Coin Act and the Gold Bullion Act. This would allow the US Mint, a division of the US Treasury Department, to begin to mint $1 silver coins in 99.9% purity, as well as gold coins in $50, $25, $10, and $5 denominations. The following year, 1986, President Reagan launched the American Eagle Act, and these coins were released to the public. The law specifically states that the US Mint must keep up with public demand for these coins. The Mint would be required to buy gold and silver at any price to mint these coins moving forward.

Before Reagan was president, he saw the prospect of the gold and silver stockpiles the government was holding from all the melted-down coins they had taken out of circulation in the years prior. Many in Congress were debating as to whether to sell off these stockpiles to countries like China and in effect, eliminate this country’s wealth just for a quick influx of cash.

Many of us believe that President Reagan knew that if our gold and silver stockpiles were to sit there any longer in the hands of a tyrannical government and treasonous politicians, our real wealth would be lost forever. This could be the rationale for the American Eagle program. Reagan knew that the only safe place for the wealth in this country would be in the hands of the American people. Reagan knew what Kissinger did in the 1970s with his backdoor deals with “Chyyna”. He knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see this full fiat money system collapse. He knew that in time China would dominate manufacturing. He knew we would start more war to fund the Military Industrial Complex. It was a coup, and they were going to destroy America piece by piece.

The 1990s seemed to have tremendous prosperity under Bill Clinton. Things seemed incredible. Markets flourished, jobs plentiful, and incomes rising. But then came the next phase of the “Chyyna” takeover: NAFTA, the nail in the coffin for US manufacturing.

By 2001, prosperity in the country was waning. When those two planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, it brought in the era of Endless War. We were made to believe that a guy hiding in a cave on a mountaintop in Afghanistan was able to plot the destruction of the most famous buildings in the world. We even got confirmation that it was him because a passport from the plane just happened to be found on the streets of New York City completely intact. Nothing to see here. Blame Muslims and begin carpet bombing cities of innocent civilians bringing “democracy.” That’ll solve it.

Over the past 60+ years, our country has been infiltrated instead of invaded. When you give up real money like gold and silver, and you hand over a printing press (counterfeiting) to treasonous politicians, you wind up losing your country. Inflation is a way to steal your life energy by devaluing your work from earlier in your life. The deep state understood that if they could remove our gold and silver, they could keep people under their control. They can steal your life energy. They can make the necessities unaffordable, forcing you into a life of indentured servitude to big banks to service loans and debt. Major market crashes, not to mention lockdowns have been nothing more than a wealth transfer to the “elites.” Your life energy goes to them. Everyone loses their money and must start over. People lost their homes in 2008. All these wars have put us in debt to the tune of $34 trillion. The politicians could never have done this if we stuck with gold and silver money because they would never have been able to fund it.

Today we are at the end of the Federal Reserve system. The bankers and politicians are about to try once again to move us further under their grip by implementing their digital prison known as the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). They will dictate your behaviors through Environmental Social Governance (ESG). They will tell you what you can buy and not buy. If they get their way, you won’t have any life energy left. Because that’s what money is, isn’t it? It’s your life energy.

As doom and gloom as this all sounds, I believe the good guys are going to win by reversing the course this deep state has put us on. For starters, the deep state has been operating the US as a corporation since 1871. This is a bankrupt corporation that isn’t truly the United States. When President Trump came into office in 2016, unbeknownst to everyone, he came in with a plan to save the world. Without anyone noticing, President Trump has been removing the bankrupt US Corporation and getting the country ready to return to the Republic in which we were founded.

Thanks to President Reagan and the American Eagle Act of 1986, we’ve had 37 years of real money: gold and silver available to us and circulating in the hands of the American people. The citizens of the United States hold more gold and silver in their hands than any other population of any country in the world. I believe Reagan knew this day would come, and thanks to President Reagan those of us who own gold and silver as we exit the bankrupt US Corporation and move back into a Republic, will wind up holding the real wealth that was squandered by the political class of the past. They will be remembered as merely a stain on our great history.

I believe the future is bright and full of promise. There’s a lot to look forward to in the post-deep state occupation of the planet. For starters: under our feet, we have more gold, oil, and other energy than all the other countries combined. We have massive farmlands that stretch across our continent which can grow almost anything. We will bring back manufacturing. We will put morals and values back in our children by introducing them to God.

If we can return the power of this country to We the People, anything is possible. We need to reverse the course that this deep state put us on since murdering Kennedy and then removing the real money while replacing it with worthless IOUs. Gold and silver ownership has never been more important during this transition period. These will be the tools to bring back to life the greatest economy and country that has ever existed. One of the reasons we got into this mess was because we allowed them to remove the real money. We need to bring it back if we plan on having a country again.

The deep state is about to go out of business. However, they won’t go quietly into the night. They will tear down anything and everything as they go from a whimper into dark silence. Defeat is near. Be cautious; however, recognize that they own the banks, the financial institutions, the markets, and the media, they own everything. Pulling control back from these deep state entities will not be done without a fight. There will be a price to be paid to restore The Republic. This is why solidifying your money now in gold and silver is so important.

We need a truly great leader, and we need that leader now. We need someone who can unify the country while handling its business by using the best minds and personnel to reinvigorate the American spirit and open America for business. The untapped potential is sitting there just waiting for the right someone to unlock its full potential. That someone is President Trump. President Trump sees this country as his canvas. Some people paint beautifully on canvas, but Trump, in his own words, is a guy who likes deals, preferably big deals, because that’s how he gets his kicks.

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    This is a very informative site. I really appreciate your effort to educate us novices in this field. I fully intend to use this organization to begin converting my savings into precious metals.

  2. Wow! Whoever wrote this did a fantastic job putting so much information into a few paragraphs. Thank-you! God bless you! MAGA!

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