20 Months Into Presidency – What has Joe Biden Done to Your Money?

Another week goes by. Interest rates continue to go up dramatically. Markets are again jilted by fear of economic recession. Some paper assets are down over 80% and it still seems like we have much further to go. The dam is leaking and may be approaching a breaking point.

One thing that every American should be concerned about is their money. Our fearless leaders know how to do something very well. They know how to print money and spend like no other. This spending spree has accelerated from George W Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden. The money creation fiasco has been just as amazing supported by the Fed and Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and now Powell. The printing spigots are wide open. The spending agendas are coming still at an alarming clip. Joe Biden still has twenty-eight months in office to continue the assault on our buying power. This is going to end very badly for our paper dollar or better known as US Federal Reserve Notes.

Biden weaponized the dollar in dealing with Russia

Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden deployed sanctions to freeze oligarch assets and remove Russia from the SWIFT system. Biden weaponized the dollar. Russia countered by pegging the Ruble to gold and started accepting payments for oil in gold or currency outside of the US dollar. The actions of Russia’s central banks have catapulted the Russian Ruble to decade highs against the dollar, the exact opposite result Biden and his counterparts in the EU set out to achieve. More countries over time will peg their currency to gold and seek ways to do business outside of the dollar. The sanctions on Russia only show a willingness to control dollars rather than promote it as a free currency. Biden’s recent executive orders regarding digital currency show an even greater desire to control who can hold and who can spend dollars. Bad move to support the further continuation of the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Less global demand for the US dollar means less buying power for us at home when using fiat. Biden’s dealings with Russia mean less buying power for our dollar and our money in the future for us at home.

Biden continues to promote spending agendas, therefore, weakening our buying power

We all know that the US debt is close to $31 trillion. Joe Biden may have it over $40 trillion by the time he is finished at the end of 2024. Let’s spend more in the name of climate control, tax implementation, and healthcare. Our economy and markets are on the brink of collapse. Joe Biden’s answer so far is the Inflation Reduction Act, the Chips and Science Act, and forgiving student debt. Let’s send billions more to Ukraine. This delusional spending won’t stop and your money will suffer. Your dollars America will buy less in the future as the financial condition of this country continues to deteriorate under the leadership of Joe Biden and his cohorts.

Biden has spent 40 percent of his days in office on vacation

There are some very serious things going on right now folks. It feels like a criminal organization has infiltrated our financial systems and its demise is around the corner. Maybe I’m overreacting but it truly feels like we have no leadership anywhere. Since Joe Biden has been in office, he has spent 40 percent of his time on vacation. I’m sorry but this doesn’t feel like a time to me to go on vacation. When the crap hits the fan, who exactly is going to make these tough calls? I guess the solution can be read off a teleprompter. Maybe Kamala Harris can prepare the text for the president. What’s going to happen to the buying power in this country for our money? It is going to continue to buy less and less here for necessities. The lack of trust in Joe Biden’s leadership will continue to cause Americans to lose trust in their dollar.

Biden has fueled inflation and higher prices causing our money to buy less

The US money supply has seen an increase of 500% since 2008. Joe Biden has increased the money supply by over 40% in the last two years. Our system is addicted to spending and debt. Exponential money creation is now needed to just move the needle a little bit. That’s what happens when a debt system gets larger and larger. Covid and Russia are not the reason we are now seeing historic inflation. Historic money creation is the reason we are and will see inflation for much longer than people think. But what is inflation? It is the devaluation of our paper money. Joe Biden will make sure that programs are implemented so that our money will continue to lose buying power. Why you may ask? That is an easy one, there is nothing else the government can do except create more money and spend.

Biden has weakened stocks and bonds in a historic fashion

Folks you should be very concerned right now about your paper assets. Stocks and bonds are taking a big hit and there is much more to go. Real estate is now starting to drop drastically in some areas. Why is this? Well, these markets look forward, and the future looks bleak for your money. The future looks bleak for the leadership of this great country for at least two more years anyways. The markets don’t believe that the Fed or Joe Biden have these markets under control now or in the future. The key point is you don’t want to be financially destroyed when these markets fold like a house of cards. The buying power of your money is headed for a serious haircut. It is inevitable with the pathetic leadership of Joe Biden.

Biden has passed more executive orders than any recent president

As of September 19, 2022, Joe Biden had signed 99 executive orders, 101 presidential memoranda, 313 proclamations, and 61 notices. That is pretty impressive for such an alert and hands-on president. 99 executive orders are far more than Bush, Obama, or Trump signed. The most important executive order for your money is Executive Order 14067, titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. How do you think this reset is going to affect the buying power and control of your money? Joe Biden wants our money to run their system. Who knows what this money will look like or what it will even be worth? But it will be monitored and it will be controlled. Joe Biden and his agenda will make sure we lose direct control of our money one way or another. With digital money did you know that our debit cards can be turned off if the system wants to turn them off?

The financial crisis of 2008 devastated many. $30 trillion of the world’s wealth was lost. Many people lost their jobs, homes, and their savings. Zero Wall Street executives went to jail for the 2008 crisis. It was a bubble so reckless and so obvious. It was all due to greed and allowing people to own assets with leverage that had no business owning them. Wall Street then saved itself and got their buddies out before the bottom dropped out.

This crisis will be worse. The whole world is drowning in debt. The whole world will now experience inflation and currency depreciation. The global financial system has been devaluing paper currency and piling on debt heavily for three decades. Now it is accelerating. This huge bubble is ready to pop. The top 1% won’t care, they already have billions. The top 1% has already benefited from a pandemic that was a very convenient reason to print trillions to save the banks and financial system from ruin. The future of the financial system is already done, it is toast. You don’t have to be financially destroyed while it unravels. Those who diversify some retirement assets and liquid assets into physical gold now, historically have a great chance to escape the destruction of their money.

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