Questions You Should Be Asking Your Gold Specialist

As the Fed prints money, the US government buys equities and the stock market seems to be catching a new rally. As this is happening, the prices of gold futures have been flat or down despite record demand for physical precious metals. Your hedge fund managers might not be touting gold as they only worry about the price of gold futures contracts, but the wise private investors are buying up the physical supply at a shocking rate.

Let’s ask why this is. Bubbles are created by debt and popped when that debt is popped by economic forces. A debt problem cannot be solved by issuing more debt. Exponential credit expansion over the past few decades means we now have exponential risk. We are in a historic equity and real estate rally. This creation of wealth for a limited crowd has been fueled by nothing but debt. This is simply another redistribution of wealth just like the government lockdown for COVID which has caused the middle class to suffer while many of the elite have attained unimaginable new wealth. Trees grow high, but they don’t grow to the sky. In a market of literal euphoria and unlimited money printing with a lot more to come, wouldn’t it be wise to think about wealth preservation? Speculation can make you rich but it can also cause you to go bust. Hard assets preserve your wealth. While many new traders are trading online blindly with free money from the government, wouldn’t it be wise to think about how all of this is going to end? Let’s protect most of what we have made if you are lucky enough to say that. Put your astute investor hat on and think about the return of our money when the joy ride ends, instead of chasing the return on our money after such a great run. Is risking it all worth it to try and get that last little bit?

Ask your gold specialist to explain “what metals I should own now?”

In a market that is not correctly being portrayed by the paper markets, investors have been buying metals recently hand over fist. Inflation will eventually come, and yields will eventually settle back down after a brief bounce-up. The economy will not return to a strong healthy environment for years if it ever does. Heck, we haven’t had healthy growth in decades. It’s all because of debt. Inventories for metals are very tight right now. Government and private mints are running behind demand. Demand and storms are delaying shipments. As a client of Midas Gold Group, clients can lock in quantities and price today, and receive shipments as soon as a couple of weeks. Our shipping times are half our competition right now according to industry sources. Our research shows there are certain bullion, proof, and numismatic products that still offer great value at today’s prices. Ask your gold specialist today what metals I should own now that could show 50–100% appreciation over the next five years?

Ask your precious metals dealer “how do I move my paper assets sideways into physical metals?”

Hundreds of investors call Midas Gold Group daily. Investors want to know how to preserve their wealth with physical metals. Clients can lock in quantities and price today, transfer liquid assets by check or bank wire, and receive their metals by insured delivery. Other clients can transfer or rollover a retirement account, lock in prices and quantities of metals when their IRAs are funded by transfer, and have their metals delivered to an IRS-approved depository of their choosing. Midas Gold Group makes the process of owning physical metals easy. We will walk you through the process and hold your hand every step of the way.

Ask your gold specialist “when and how do I sell my metals?”

At Midas Gold Group we pride ourselves on giving great personal service at competitive prices. Making that initial step to own metals is just the beginning of the journey. A full-service dealer updates their clients at least annually if not quarterly. A complete dealer offers opportunities as they come along. Life happens and sometimes metals need to be liquidated, so clients call their representative at Midas Gold Group. Yes, a real person answers the phone. Yes, you can get an honest, transparent answer to your questions. Every metal investor can allow Midas Gold Group to offer a price for their metals when it’s time to sell. If prices of any metal get too extended or stretched out, we will call and make suggestions to sell all or some of our positions. Unfortunately, clients pass away and the spouse or children need to contact their reputable dealer. Ask your reliable gold specialist today when and how do I sell my metals when that time comes?

Gold has been money for 3000 years or maybe longer. Fiat currency always buys less in the future. Silver and platinum offer the opportunity to hold a hard asset. These hard assets have many possible reasons to appreciate significantly over the next few years. A question we would ask a new client is “Why do you feel like you need to own some hard assets at this time of your life?” “What is going on in the market that has you concerned and how do you intend to address that?” Those are the questions that address preserving a nest egg that has taken years to accumulate through speculation, debt, smart moves, hard work, or maybe even just luck. If you have been fortunate to take advantage of what will eventually bring our markets and monetary system down, get some out before you can’t. Midas Gold Group is the nation’s #1 veteran-owned gold dealer in the country. We have fought hard for your freedom; we now fight every day to preserve some of your wealth through the ownership of physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Call us today at 480-360-3000 or 805-601-6000. We do business in all fifty states through insured delivery and in person at our Arizona and California locations. Instead of being concerned about how much money you can make today during this joy ride, think about wealth preservation at a time of unlimited market stimulus and euphoria that won’t last much longer. Make that call and ask those important questions today. Our gold specialists can be reached at 480-360-3000 and 805-601-6000 from 8 am to 4 pm PST Monday through Friday.

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