Popular Gold Investments in Today’s Market

The reckless printing of money is destructive to the entire fiat currency system. The fiat currency experiment from 1971 is failing. World central banks are currently creating money out of thin air to save economies and nation’s way of life. They are going to print paper money into oblivion. As an investor you must preserve your wealth now. Investors looking to preserve wealth frequently ask us to explain the basic gold investments products.

Bullion coins are simple products suitable for IRA investments

2020 American Buffalo gold coin obverse

American Buffalo Coin

Many different bullion products are produced by government mints and private mints globally. Bullion products trade almost entirely for their gold content and purity, with little or no collector value. Yes, a bar or a common coin such as a Canadian Maple Leaf is considered a bullion product. Midas Gold Group distributes the main bullion gold investments products from the major government mints of the world. These include the US Mint, Canadian Mint, the Australian Mint, the Austrian Mint, the British Royal Mint, and various Swiss Mints. All these mints produce bars of different weights with the most common being the one-ounce bar of .999 purity or higher. The most common gold coins delivered by Midas Gold Group to their clients include, but are not limited to, the American Eagle, the Buffalo, the Maple Leaf, the Kangaroo, the Philharmonic, and the Britannia. Some private mints trusted by Midas Gold Group include the Sunshine Mint, Valcambi, PAMP, Argor-Heraeus, Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse. Fractional bars and coins are a frequent request by investors looking for more flexibility for possible bartering or ease of liquidity when selling. Common fractional bars include 20g, 10g, 5g, and 1g. Valcambi makes perforated sheets most commonly found in 100g and 50g gram sizes. Fractional coins are minted in various sizes including 1oz, ½oz, ¼oz, 1/10oz, and 1/20 oz increments. As of 2016, the Chinese Mint also produces is popular Pandas in various metric sizes (measured in grams rather than troy ounces). The most commonly found fractional coins include the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Austrian Philharmonic. Midas Gold Group buys and sells bullion coins and bars daily from clients and from investors of other dealers daily.

Gold numismatic coins are not just for collectors

$20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Before the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, a $20 gold coin and a $20 bill had the same value and purpose. Both were considered money at that time. The US Government was looking for a way to print more money. President Roosevelt asked investors to turn in their gold and made gold ownership a crime in some instances. Gold coins that were minted before 1933 are known as numismatic coins. Some of the most prevalent coins of this time in history that survived are the Liberty, the Saint Gaudens, and the Indian. Since these coins were circulated as real money prior to 1933, the gold content is 90%. Copper typically makes up the other 10% since coins are frequently banging against one another. Most of these coins circulating today between investors are graded and tested by grading companies. PCGS and NGC are the two most widely recognized coin graders in the world. The Mint Scale generally ranges from MS60 to MS 70. Lower grade coins typically range from MS60-MS63. High uncirculated quality generally ranges from MS64-MS66. Higher than MS66 quality typically refers to a coin that is looked at as gem, superb gem, or perfect. In a roaring gold market, numismatic coins have fetched a large premium compared to the gold price. Currently the numismatic premiums on most numismatic coins (the value of the coins above their gold content) is well below their historical averages. This low premium on may coins makes them attractive as a long-term investment. Midas Gold Group buys and sells numismatic coins daily from clients and from investors of other dealers daily.

Proof Gold American Eagles are common for delivery and IRAs

2019 proof gold American Eagle obverse

1oz Proof Gold American Eagle Coin

Proof bullion coins are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of bullion. The Gold Eagle is struck multiple times, has a glossy finish, comes with a certificate of authenticity, is encapsulated, and comes in a box or case. The annual mintage is much less than the regular bullion coin. The Gold Proof Eagle was near $3,000 an ounce in 2010 and currently is priced below $2,400 per troy ounce on the US Mint website. Midas Gold Group currently has Proof Gold Eagles available for delivery. Proof Gold Eagle investors typically like the coin for the gold content, the certificate of authenticity, the low mintage aspect, and the presentation. In a roaring gold market, proof coins have fetched a large premium compared to the gold price. Midas Gold Group buys and sells proof coins daily from clients and from investors of other dealers daily.

The current gold market offers what it always has, wealth preservation. Covid-19, unlimited money printing, and stock market volatility has provided many hurdles to investors. Supply chains are being disrupted everywhere. Unemployment is over 20 million and the future of the economic system has never been more in doubt. The US government could be in $40 trillion of debt by 2025, and this doesn’t even count unfunded liabilities. World debt could be approaching $300 trillion soon with over a quadrillion dollars in the derivative market. Printing money and unlimited credit is not the answer. The financial system is failing as we speak. US debt has doubled every eight years and is accelerating. The gold price has doubled every seven years since 1971. This is a call to action to contact Midas Gold Group today and make a stand. Protect your wealth with gold today. Speak to a Midas trader at 480-360-3000 or 805-601-6000. Get some gold in your possession or protect your IRA while you still have one to protect. Gold supply is very tight with many of the largest dealers severely delayed or out of stock entirely. Call Midas today at 480-360-3000 and see what is available for delivery. California clients call 805-601-6001 and schedule an office consultation to go over your individual circumstances privately. It’s always better to have some insurance for your money rather than none. Oh I apologize, it’s always better to have some insurance for your federal reserve notes or paper assets rather than none.

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