Physical Silver is One Way to Protect Your Nest Egg

Technology and other NASDAQ stocks suffered their worst month in April since 2008. As the Federal Reserve tries to unwind the mess they created with interest rate increases and quantitative tightening, the destruction of paper wealth they created over the last twenty years is being ripped apart. Stocks and bonds are taking big hits as the mother of all debt bubbles is starting to burst. What the Fed giveth, the Fed must now take away to fight the inflation that money printing and debt have created. If the Fed goes back to money printing and buying market assets, inflation goes hyper and the US dollar is destroyed. If the Fed raises interest rates too quickly, the economy and markets will continue to crash bringing in recession and possible depression. Investors are scrambling to protect paper assets.

Silver is a precious metal referred to as the “white metal” or poor man’s gold. Whatever you want to call it, silver is the second most used industrial commodity next to crude oil. Some uses include jewelry, photography, silverware, electronics, medical devices, batteries, cell phones, 5G infrastructure, green energy, and of course bars and coins for investment. Total silver demand in 2021 increased 19% to 1.05 billion ounces. Investors are looking to the different types of investment-grade silver to protect their nest egg in such volatile market times.

Bullion silver is the most popular among investors and silver stackers

Bullion silver includes bars, rounds, and coins. Silver rounds and bars are most commonly made by private mints, but some silver bars are made by government mints like the Royal Canadian Mint. These bullion products are based on silver purity and weight. Investors who are looking for the most silver for their money typically turn to rounds and bars to satisfy their desire for wealth preservation and diversification versus holding falling paper dollars.

The most popular bullion coins from government mints include the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the UK Britannia, the Australian Kangaroo, the South African Krugerrand, and the silver Austrian Philharmonic. These government bullion coins are made in limited amounts and will typically appreciate more in a good silver market versus rounds or bars. Bullion products are being used by investors today to protect their retirement accounts in a Gold IRA and are invested indirectly to diversify cash reserves.

Junk Silver is popular for possible bartering

Circulation coins minted before 1965 contained a great deal of fine silver in them. These coins are often referred to as “junk silver.” Kennedy Half Dollars, Ben Franklin Half Dollars, Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and quarters dated before 1965 are far from being junk. These coins contained 90% silver actually, and are worth far more than their face value. Typically, these junk silver coins are most commonly owned in $1,000 face value bags, $500 face value bags, $250 face value bags, and $100 face value bags. If you are at the convenience store buying a soda pop, make sure you aren’t using those coins dated before 1965. Junk silver is one way to protect your savings. Every survival kit should contain a nice big bag of 90% silver coins.

Pre-1933 silver is referred to as numismatic silver

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and revived again in 1921. The Morgan Silver Dollar was produced after the passage of the Bland-Allison Act. This coin contains .7735 troy ounces of fine silver. Besides silver, the Morgan also contains 10% copper. Mint marks on the Morgan contain a CC for Carson City, an S for San Francisco, an O for New Orleans, a D for Denver, and no mint mark for Philadelphia. The most valuable Morgan Silver Dollar is the 1893S. This coin is worth approximately $550,000 in MS65 certified condition. The Morgan Silver Dollar is not allowed in a Gold IRA but it remains a great way to protect your buying power against our dwindling fiat currency.

The Peace Dollar is a US dollar coin minted from 1921 to 1928, then again in 1934 and 1935. Like the Morgan Silver Dollar, the Peace Dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. The US mints that produced the Peace Dollar were Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. The US Mint produced a 2021 Peace Dollar in .999 silver as a commemorative coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its design. The Mint will continue to mint a Peace Dollar in .999 silver from 2023 onwards. The most valuable Peace Dollar could be the 1928S worth over $17,000 in MS65 condition.

The Proof Silver American Eagle is commonly found in Gold IRAs

The Proof Silver American Eagle is the Rolls Royce of silver US bullion. It is much more uncommon than the regular silver bullion American Eagle. Since 1986 the Proof Silver Eagle is triple stamped, comes with a certificate of authenticity, is in a plastic capsule, and has a beautiful presentation box. It is produced at the West Point Mint and can be owned by a Gold IRA or purchased with non-qualified liquid funds to hold in your possession. The Proof Silver American Eagle is a great way to preserve your nest egg as global debt spirals out of control.

The beginning of 2022 has seen the S&P lose 13.37%, which is the worst start in 83 years. The economy shrank by 1.4% during the first quarter, while expectations have been for growth of 1%. Not since 1974 have we seen stagflation, which is an economy experiencing negative growth and inflation. The Fed is way behind the curve and in the midst of bursting the mother of bubbles. This bursting of this everything asset bubble will destroy trillions of dollars of value in bonds and stocks. With rising interest rates and a slowing economy, real estate won’t be too far behind.

Physical gold and silver have a long track record of being money and a store of value. Physical silver offers right now a way to not be financially destroyed as the Fed and government attempt to deal with the financial mess they have allowed to happen and have contributed to. Physical silver will protect your nest egg, offer a chance for great returns, and provide bartering money in the case of depression. Hoping the stock market, the bond market, and the US dollar come back is not a good way to make your portfolio bulletproof. Preserving your nest egg can’t be based on hope. I have no hope that the Fed or government will be able to save this debt implosion from happening. It’s just a matter of time. You can do something about your situation today to protect yourself from this.

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