New Office Opening Servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area

Midas Gold Group, LLC announced the opening of a new office in Thousand Oaks, CA, in the Greater Los Angeles area. The office is located just off US 101 at 100 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite 157, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Midas is now offering local services at this location to investors and collectors seeking face-to-face and immediate service when buying or selling precious metals or setting up a Gold IRA.

Midas Gold Group’s physical expansion from its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ occurs at a time when stock market valuations have reached record highs and investors are seeking gold and silver as a safe and lucrative alternative to traditional investments such as stock, bonds, and real estate. While Midas Gold Group will continue to provide nationwide services to precious metals buyers and sellers, the company will also focus on offering direct and in-person services to clients in the Greater Los Angeles area as well as Ventura, Orange, Santa Barbara, and Riverside counties.

Southern California is home to a number of large gold companies. remarked Ken Russo, Senior Vice President, However, few of these companies are willing and able to offer clients personalized services in a comfortable, secure, and convenient local location. Buyers, sellers, and those interested in the precious metals market are always welcome to come to our local office for superior service and a superior level of market expertise. Market strategist Gabor Panczel also commented on the expansion, stating that Global central banks are keeping interest rates artificially low and devaluing paper currencies. The next recession could be catastrophic for investors holding exclusively traditional paper assets. Many investors in the Los Angeles area understand the importance of adding physical precious metals to their investment portfolio but did not until now, have a trustworthy and reliable local source they can go to for competent solutions to their investment needs.

About Midas Gold Group

Midas Gold Group is a Phoenix, AZ-based gold and precious metals dealer with a local office located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Midas Gold Group is a buyer and seller of gold and precious metals and a bullion and numismatic coin wholesaler. Midas Gold Group also focuses on Gold IRAs, Precious Metal IRAs, and retirement plans. Midas Gold Group is a second-generation gold company that is veteran-owned with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With an extensive product selection, competitive pricing, superior service, and prompt, fully insured global delivery, Midas Gold Group is a one-stop resource for precious metals investors and collectors alike.

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Midas Gold Group