Don’t Believe the Lies About Your Dollar and the Banking System

We are proud Americans. We stand with our country but we understand we don’t hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth all of the time. This has never been as obvious as many truths are coming to light this very day thanks to the truthfulness and honesty of some heroes. One good aspect of social media is that the public has a chance to sometimes see the truth versus relying solely on unfair media. It is all coming out to how controlling certain media and certain corporations have been and continue to be. The man behind the curtain is being exposed.

The same people who lied to us about the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, the open border, Benghazi, weapons of mass destruction, vaccines, Ukraine, the Biden’s, the Clintons, Hunter’s Laptop, etc., are the same forces that control our monetary system. These are the same people who are eroding the value of your savings and your buying power every day. These liars are the same entities that are turning the printing press for our dollar 24/7 for their benefit. One of the biggest lies that are coming to light is the lie about the strength of our dollar and the strength of the overall banking system. Unfortunately, as this is exposed, many out there will lose all of their money.

Three banks went out of business this past week

Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank went out of business this past week. First Republic Bank has many investors very worried. Credit Suisse was bailed out and many bondholders lost all of their funds. All closures are being blamed on the banks’ concentration in cryptocurrency and high-risk tech loans. Oh, the lies just keep on coming. No doubt we will hear that this is just merely an isolated occurrence. We will hear that the overall banking sector is strong and this could never happen to all banks. The health of bank debt is a lie. The safety of your money at the bank is a lie.

Does anyone realize that Silicon Valley Bank was the second-largest bank failure in US history next to Washington Mutual in 2008? 87% of the deposits at Silicon Valley were not insured. Many corporations have very large bank accounts that exceed FDIC insurance. FDIC insurance is another lie but we can talk about that again another day. Maybe the banking system and the whole world is that leveraged. Maybe if the smallest thing goes wrong like interest rates going up or assets losing value, there are serious liquidity problems. Could it be that simple? Could it be that there is too much debt and too much that can go wrong with banks? Could it be that easy to see my bank account go away? Well, some of the banking system lies were exposed last week. Prepare yourself world for much more, unfortunately.

The value of our dollar is quickly eroding

A dollar in 1913 is now worth $.03. Why is this? With every turn of the printing press, the value of your dollar is being systematically eroded. From the Roman Empire to the Greeks, to the Ming Dynasty, to the Dutch, Napoleon, the real downfall of the empire was the devaluation of their currency. What trajectory is the United States on? The US is headed in the wrong direction led by the wrong people telling more lies.

The US dollar is the world reserve currency. It creates demand for US dollars as all commodity trades settle in US dollars. It has been a huge advantage for the United States for decades. It is no secret that the world is doing more business outside of the dollar. Iran, China, Russia, and others are seeing the dollar and US debt as more and more toxic. The sanctions imposed by the Biden administration against Russia also showed that the US will use the dollar as a weapon. This was another great job by our White House leadership. The lie that our dollar is strong is imploding quickly. Soon our dollar unfortunately will be trading like third-world countries would. Our currency cannot ignore the printing and the debt and spending forever. This stuff takes time, but our dollar is inevitably headed much lower. The strength of our money is a lie.

The US debt situation is a lie

The US debt is almost $32 trillion. Here is another big lie. This lie unfortunately has direct implications for the financial system as a whole. Today the interest on our debt is about $3 billion per day. At $50 trillion in debt, our yearly interest on our debt would be more than $2 trillion a year. Where is this coming from? We will have to print that as well.

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) states that countries control their currencies and are not constrained by revenues when it comes to government spending. This theory is also based on another huge lie. All of this spending and printing has to have consequences. You just can’t print unlimited money and spend exponentially and expect to be solvent. The US is technically insolvent. The only answer by our government is to spend and print more. The central banks of the world are happy to feed our addiction. Our debt situation is a lie. This lie will play a big part in tearing the financial system apart as we know it today.

What we saw this week from the banking system is shocking but real. It is not an isolated case. The entire banking system is toxic. The whole system is leveraged to the gills. The stock and the bond market is another financial bomb waiting to go off. The hourglass has tipped on commercial real estate. The answer to all of this according to our leaders is to add on more risk and print more fake money. What else can you do with a system that is addicted to fake money creation? If you believe that this system will end well and we can just keep printing, spending, and lying, then you deserve to lose all of your money if you continue to leave it all in the paper system. And that day is quickly approaching.

The only form of real money in history that isn’t a lie is physical gold. You control it. Gold traditionally holds its value in an economic downturn. Gold is not printed out of thin air and takes years to pull it out of the ground and refine it. Gold in your possession has no third-party counter risk. Did you see those people standing in line at the Silicon Valley Bank wondering what happened to their money? Is this any different that Washington Mutual or IndyMac in 2008? Bank of America and Wells Fargo had glitches this week as well. It makes no sense to leave all of your money in the banks and the market. Believing this lie will cost you dearly in the long run. It is a lie that you don’t have to keep listening to.

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