How to Choose a Reputable Gold Dealer

Investors face many hard decisions today regarding their financial future. As we most certainly face a great deal of uncertainty and inflation seems unavoidable, wealth preservation is perhaps the most important part of the plan for the next ten years. Most investors cannot afford to gamble their life savings in the volatile stock market uncertain real estate market of trust it in a paper currency rapidly being devalued. Many investors understand the need for a portfolio position in precious metals. Finding a reputable and knowledgeable gold dealer who will keep you best interest in mind is of great importance.

A good gold dealer must be reliable

Reliability is important when it comes to relationships, business, and investing. We have recently seen the term essential used much more regularly these past few months as the world economies deal with a nasty virus. A good gold dealer picks up the phone and returns phone calls during trading hours in a timely fashion. The ability to liquidate or accumulate physical gold quickly during normal times and times of crisis is paramount. Let’s say an investor is not comfortable today holding all of their wealth in paper assets. It’s imperative that the investor has a gold dealer to handle a bank wire responsibly, to receive a bank check or personal check swiftly, and to pick up or drop off your gold on time. A good gold dealer has representatives that can answer important financial questions intelligently and has a support office that can handle requests quickly and be accountable. Many dealers these days are very easy to get a hold of when it comes time for investors to buy, but not so easy when clients need help. Many customers from other dealers have expressed great frustrations when it comes time to receive services or help after that initial purchase has been done. A good gold dealer is not always right, but there is no excuse to not be reliable. An investor’s nest egg deserves the attention throughout the entire relationship.

A good gold dealer has or can get inventory

gold inventoryRefiners recently were shut down in the global gold port of Switzerland due to health concerns during the COVID19 pandemic. Many in the industry have stated that these key Swiss refiners account for 70% of the world’s supply of gold bars. The supply of certain gold products, like many other products during this shutdown, are getting harder to find. A good gold dealer has the relationships to find gold for their clients in times of crisis. They have the foresight to make certain purchases beforehand to at least make some product available to their clients without long delay. They find a way to get the physical gold into the hands of the client at a competitive market price. Many dealers during this pandemic are out of inventory or promising inventory two or three months down the road. A good gold dealer is more than just sending your credit card information to someone on the internet because they have the cheapest price. Reasonable expectations made by reasonable clients should not be an issue for a good gold dealer. If a client wants to get some of their assets protected in physical gold, a good dealer will hold their hand through the entire process. Education and comfort are key especially since everyone right now is very uncomfortable.

A good gold dealer provides experienced Gold IRA services

Since February the markets have seen extreme volatility. Volatility has eased a bit because the Fed has injected stimulus and printed money. Some investors have saved and invested for years. For many, investable wealth is tied up in an annuity, an IRA, a 401(k), a CD, or some other retirement account. A good gold dealer has the experience and personnel to service clients who don’t want to risk it all in paper markets. These investors may want to diversify their retirement accounts by adding physical gold, an authorized IRA asset, their existing IRA.

While there are many gold salespeople in the world, there are surprisingly few that truly understand the mechanics tax privileged retirement accounts. No dealer should present themselves as a tax advisor, but they should understand the laws related to IRA and retirement accounts. Even a small error related the setup or rollover of an IRA can subject the client to substantial penalties and taxes.

Investors who already have gold in their retirement account may not be getting the service from their current dealer that they need in this market. Investors frequently need assistance adding or liquidating metals in an already established IRA with another dealer. In these fast-moving markets, annuities, mutual funds, bonds, and other financial instruments need to be liquidated and moved quickly. A good gold dealer should be able to dedicate the time to assist in all of these transactions. Clients should feel that they have the absolute most qualified help when it comes to servicing their IRA needs.

All of the IRA experts at Midas Gold Group have decades of experience related to the establishment of IRA accounts and stay educated on changing tax laws and regulations.

educated gold dealersA gold dealer is not a financial advisor and does not give financial advice. A good gold dealer should have the experience and expertise to have the same degree of experience and act with the client’s best interest in mind. Difficult times require extraordinary help and support. A good gold dealer doesn’t have representatives who are hired for their experience pressuring clients to close sales, but representatives who are hired for their experience, knowledge, and acumen. Central banks are assuming that our current problems can be corrected by issuing more debt. A debt problem cannot be solved by issuing more debt. We are more than likely entering a decade of wealth preservation. Your advisor or banker should be suggesting diversifying into physical gold. Gold at $1,700 seems to be more undervalued as when it was $300 in 2002 if we consider all the money that has been printed. US debt doubles every eight years since 1971. The price of gold doubles every seven years since Nixon did the dirty deed of eliminating the gold standard. Fiat currencies are in the process of failing and losing most of their value. Call Midas Gold Group today before you run out of time. The availability of physical gold is getting tighter and tighter. Call 480-360-3000 or 805-601-6000 and schedule a phone conference today. Reliability, inventory, and exceptional IRA services is how we built our reputation. A trader at Midas Gold Group can answer all your questions today at 480-360-3000 and 805-601-6000. Whether you are buying or selling or simply need a new financial perspective from an experienced professional, we are here to assist you.

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