It’s Time to Get Some Funds Out of Government-Monitored Investments

The Gold Standard radio show is a weekly radio program presented by Midas Gold Group. The program gives you a realistic weekly perspective on the state of the economy and gives reliable information about using physical precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to safeguard your wealth. The show also provides remarkable details about specific precious metal coins and bullion products for wealth preservation. The Gold Standard radio show airs every Saturday on WNTP 990 THE ANSWER Philadelphia at 5 pm EST, 870 the Answer in Los Angeles area at 2:30 pm PST, 960 The Patriot KKNT-AM in Phoenix at 2:30 MST, and WLSS 930 AM The Answer Sarasota FL at 5:30 pm EST. The Gold Standard radio show also airs on Sunday on 550 KFYI Phoenix at 1 pm MST. The recent actions in Afghanistan was a topic this past weekend and how this event will affect your finances.

World Reserve currency status depends on military supremacy

Marine Corps veteran and one of the principals of Midas Gold Group who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan James Clark was a guest. To listen to all comments you can listen to a recording of the show. We will paraphrase here what was discussed. James talked about how it is a sullen time right now for many Marines and the country. Tremendous sacrifices were made professionally and personally to protect freedom. It is hard for many people now to see our strategic enemy as our counterpart. It’s very difficult to imagine the Taliban parading around with our equipment.

Faith in America is very important when it comes to the US dollar and world reserve currency status. The US dollar has enjoyed this status since the 1940s due to the victory in WWII and the Bretton Woods Agreement. We just surrendered to military tribes. The UK never wants to enter military operations with us again. The present government doesn’t care about our rights and small business. Many paper assets are under government-controlled agencies. Trust in these government-controlled agencies is waning. The recent “airlift” in Afghanistan is just another reason to get some funds out of government-monitored investments.

The Gold American Eagle is a great way to diversify paper assets

The American Eagle gold coin is quite simply an obvious top choice for any serious gold bullion investor. It’s minted in 22 karat gold and the Gold Eagle is extremely durable and strongly resistant to scratching. It is the largest gold coin struck by the US Mint and its purity is guaranteed by the American government. The front or obverse of the coin is similar to the $20 St. Gaudens coins minted from 1907–1933. The Double Eagle also had a similar Lady Liberty on the front. The picture of the eagle on the back has changed since then and changed in 2021. This Type 2 Gold Eagle now has a side profile of the great bald eagle. The original gold American Eagle was introduced in 1985 and retained the same design until 2021. The back of the Silver American Eagle also received a facelift.

The Gold and Silver American Eagle qualify for a Gold IRA and retirement accounts that hold physical precious metals. The value of the American Eagle should double in the next five years. The US Mint continues to run behind the demand for these beautiful coins. The Gold and Silver American Eagle is just another reason to move some paper assets out of government-monitored investments.

Time to move assets into physical precious metals away from government-monitored investments

As we have spoken about in length, the debt situation globally is not fixable. Debt is now growing exponentially. In turn, risk has grown exponentially. The US dollar will continue to be devalued at record clips. Markets are historically overvalued based on any metric you want to consider. Enormous paper wealth has been created in some stocks, mutual funds, real estate, bonds, and annuities. If you are fortunate enough to be in such a great position it is necessary to protect some of it in a physical private asset. The Fed was printing a million dollars a second in 2020. The Fed bought 57% of the US Treasury bonds in 2020. This shell game and debt bonanza will end very badly. There is still time to do something about it. There is still time to get out of some government-monitored investments.

Trust in government agencies is under pressure. The US dollar is under attack. Defense is in order to preserve your nest egg. Financial chaos and crisis are in the near future. Financial markets will get extremely nasty. Financial chaos can start at any time. The fiat currency experiment that started in 1971 is failing. There isn’t one strong paper currency out there. Since 2008, the government has handed itself great control of the banking system. There are other great investments out there, but physical gold is private. The price of gold has historically reflected the devaluation of our paper money. Of course, paper money will continue to be debased into oblivion. Physical gold can be manipulated in the short term, but over the long run, gold will hold your buying power. The smart move is to get some money out of the banking system and paper markets. This is a great time to get some assets or more assets out of government-monitored and controlled markets. The worst-case scenario is you will be holding physical gold that has always had value. Fiat currencies and some stocks do go to zero.

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