Eternal Vigilance is the Key to Lasting Democracy Medical Freedom


“If you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, nobody notices.”

—Benito Mussolini on his consolidation of power in Italy

The United States was born on great ideas and principles embodied in the US Constitution. Generations of our fathers and mothers before us have fought and died for freedom. We live in a time of change, accelerating at unprecedented speeds. Things are moving quickly, and we must stand fast and remember, understand, and appreciate those principles upon which the republic was founded. That is why Midas Gold Group is taking a stand on protecting our freedoms.

The Midas Gold Group thrives on a deep sense of dedication, loyalty, and an obligation to serve our customers and the American spirit. Accordingly, we have established a fund to protect civil liberties by supporting several carefully selected causes.

Make a donation to support Canadian Truckers & freedom fighters!

The Gold for Freedom Fund will convert your donations into physical gold bars and other precious metals.

American Eagle coins - gold prices higher

Support Basic Freedoms

Donate through PayPal. The Midas Gold Group will convert the dollar donations to precious metals and deliver the precious metals to the beneficiary organization. Since precious metals are the only available form of private money, it will prevent government or corporate action against them (i.e., freezing GoFundMe accounts).

Support the American way of life and your civil liberties; DONATE TODAY!

Medical Freedom to Prevent Government Healthcare Mandates

The global pandemic threatens our freedom as it continues to threaten people’s health and well-being. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives people the right to security of the person, including the right to choose medical care. The Midas Gold Group has established a fund to support the protection of freedom from unwanted medical treatments. Help fight against the suspension and removal of the right to security of the person, the proliferation of government power, and threats to our democracy. Your donations will ensure that these threats to civil liberty don’t go unchallenged.

The New War On Cash: Freezing Accounts without Due Process

The leadership of Canada is exerting control over its citizens, reminiscent of the Intolerable Acts perpetrated by the British Parliament in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party. Parliament meant for the laws to punish the colonists for defying government decree. Prime Minister Trudeau’s edicts can freeze or suspend an account without a court order and give Federal government institutions a new broad authority to share relevant information. The Canadian government can paint anything they want with this brush.

Canadian trucks demonstrating

One thing is sure; this action shows how easy and swiftly governments can confiscate your wealth. It doesn’t matter if there is a valid reason. If they want to do it, they will. Trudeau’s vow to freeze anti-mandate protestors is an alarm bell for all of us. The Edict signals the need for a private currency, which means transferring paper currency into Gold, the only private money available. You need to have physical possession of Gold. Gold is private. Gold can’t be frozen like a bank account. Gold can’t be hacked like digital currency, and it can’t be infected by a computer virus.

The history of Gold’s resiliency throughout turbulent times is a proven fact. That is why the Midas Gold Group will support these critical causes with donations of precious metals.

Make Your Donation

For those who support the American Way and the right of medical choice and freedom without government mandates, donate to the truckers today.

We Convert It

The Gold for Freedom Fund will convert your credit card and paper money donations into physical gold bars and other precious metals.

We Deliver

Precious metals will be delivered to the individual truckers who have lost revenue or wages or had assets seized or frozen due to their participation in the demonstrations.

Midas Gold Group has filed for 501(c)(3) status for a charity to be named Gold For Freedom Fund. The fund shall have independent operational and financial oversight through its independent board of directors. Midas Gold Group whole owned subsidiary Gold For Freedom Fund LLC will contribute to the 501(c)(3). Currently any monies sent will go to the LLC, which does not have non-profit status. Donations may be held in the form of cash or gold or silver bullion until a donation can be made to charity.

Initially the fund will support Canadian truckers involved in rallies for medical freedom across Canada. The distributions may go to individual truckers involved in the rally provided that they show their trucking license and/or proof that their license has been recently revoked. They must also demonstrate one of the following: that they have lost revenue or wages as a result of their participation in the demonstrations and/or they have had assets seized or frozen by a financial institution as a result of their participation in demonstrations.

The fund may also donate gold and silver directly to other charities supporting the truckers provided the charities are vetted and approved by the independent board of directors.

The fund may also donate to other causes its directors consider to be in the defense of basic freedoms such as the right to make medical decisions regarding vaccinations without government mandates. The fund may also support other causes including rights to own firearms and freedom over financial decisions.

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