This is something Midas Gold Group has understood for a long time. We are a second-generation, Veteran-owned precious metals dealer. Our family began trading in gold & silver since shortly after President Nixon illegally and unconstitutionally removed us from the gold standard in 1971.

This act took power away from the people and transferred power to politicians and unelected central bankers and bureaucrats. The ability to control people and even nations though nothing more that the printing and export of useless paper, was a major step in empowering what we often call the “Deep State.”

George Magazine has a prestigious and remarkable history of being ahead of future events. Midas Gold Group is honored and excited to be part of the resurrection of George Magazine and the important messages that it promotes.

We want to do our part to fight back against the cruel tax of inflation, the prying eyes of government over your finances, and the devaluation of your retirement plans. We can show you how gold offers financial protection and financial privacy. We can even show you how to use your IRA or old 401(k) to own physical gold.

Moreover, we want to help people prepare for an inevitable reckoning that will shake the financial system as we know it to its core.

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