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Midas Gold Group believes that the freedoms we have counted on as Americans are under attack. Our freedom of speech is under attack. Voices of medical experts, independent news outlets, and even private citizens are silenced. This is why Midas Gold Group is pleased to work with the Epoch Times, a true and uncompromising independent media outlet.

Our right to bear arms is under attack as a corrupt Department of Justice targets firearms dealers and law-abiding gun owners while showing leniency to violent criminals.

Our financial freedom is also under attack. Not only is our fiat currency devalued though reckless printing, but big government has also been expanding its regulation, oversight, and even direct ownership in the private banking system. Plans are drafted to implement a central bank digital currency, a move that would give unfettered access to everything you buy, everything you earn, and insight into all your habits.

You can take a stand. You can own the only human currency that has stood the test of time thought civilizations: precious metals in the form of gold and silver.

If you have been looking for a precious metals dealer that shares your values and that can give you an honest assessment of how politics is driving macroeconomics, you have found that dealer in Midas Gold Group.

We are a national dealer serving all 50 sates with a local presence in Southern California. We can show you how to own gold and silver privately. You can also use your IRA or an old 401(k) to own physical precious metals. We can show you how. As the nation’s #1 veteran owned precious metals dealer, we will offer superior service, fair pricing and honest, educated, and straightforward advice.


Now, for readers of the Epoch Times, get free silver just for asking us how you can use a qualified retirement account to own gold. Just call us and mention the Epoch times!

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