The Only Precious Metals Company Endorsed by Dr. Sebastian Gorka


Sebastian GorkaToday, our traditional financial plans face tremendous uncertainty in a rapidly changing global financial environment. Our banking system is more fragile than it has ever been and valuations on stocks are the highest in modern history.

The case for sound diversification into tangible private wealth such as physical gold and silver is stronger than it has ever been. Our clients come to us for economic analysis and sound strategies. We put you first and our advice is based on your needs, not commissions.

Midas Gold Group is a second-generation veteran-owned gold dealer. We have worked hard to earn the title — America’s Most Trusted Gold IRA Company. Our experts have established thousands of gold and precious metals IRAs and stand by every account.

Not only are we a resource for new investors, we can assist with any precious metal investment portfolio or any precious metals IRA, no matter who established it.

We Offer

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business A+ rating

  • Wealth Preservation and diversification strategies; not sales pitches
  • Options to manage your own wealth
  • Superior and responsive client service
  • Free evaluation services for any investment portfolio
  • Ability to trade assets privately and securely
  • Assistance with ANY precious metals IRA
    • New Precious Metals IRA Accounts
    • Precious Metals IRA Appraisals
    • Assistance with annual reports
    • Distribution assistance
    • Selling the precious metals in your IRA

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