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Sebastian GorkaIf you have more than $50,000 in savings, IRAs, or investments, you must read this shocking report. This information is factual and clearly demonstrates that the financial system built in the wake of recent banking crises is a ticking time bomb.

This is information that your banker and broker will not provide you. It is for those willing to take control of some of their own wealth rather than turn it over to the financial system built by the big banks.

This critical report is a sound economic analysis of the major threats to your finances in 2019:

10. Lower Corporate Earnings & Falling Real Estate Prices
9. Elimination of the Petrodollar
8. The Rise of the Chinese Economic Superpower
7. Ballooning National and Corporate Debt
6. Proposed Nationalization of Retirement Accounts

…Get the top five and sound analysis of each by calling us at 480-360-3000 or signing up.

Your family is counting on you to make wise financial decisions. They count on you to be aware of changes to the financial system. They count on you to prepare accordingly. This report will also show you how to achieve peace of mind through diversification and direct control of some of your assets.

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10 Imminent Threats to Your Finances


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