The Gold Standard radio show is a weekly radio program presented by Midas Gold Group. It gives you a realistic weekly perspective on the state of the economy and gives reliable information about using physical precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to safeguard your wealth. The Gold Standard radio show also provides remarkable details about specific precious metal coins and bullion products for wealth preservation. The show also talks about the end of the fiat currency system and how our leadership in Washington is leading us down a horrible financial path of exponential debt spending.


Kenneth Russo points out how the weakening of the dollar is a threat to our economy and every citizen. The danger to your savings and investments cannot be overstated.

This episode of The Gold Standard radio show explores the performance of gold against the performance of the American Stock Market.

Join Dave Deno and Kenneth Russo, Jr, Senior Vice President of the Midas Gold Group, as they talk about inflation and its corrosive effects on your purchasing power.

Ken Russo speaks to Dave Deno of KRLA AM 870 radio about the importance of diversifying in physical gold in a time of historic money printing in an unfixable global debt environment.

Liquidity problems started in September 2019 in the repo market. The current pandemic is a catalyst to further speed up the destruction of the financial system.

Dr. Gorka wanted to know what was going on with the loss in the US dollar recently and why gold was going up in value. Midas pointed out that the enormous debt situation is not fixable and more money printing is on the way.

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