Whether you are a seasoned precious metals investor, a first-time buyer, or even a rare coin collector, Midas Gold Group has the resources and expertise to be your one-stop for all of your precious metals resources and expertise.

If you are buying gold bullion, buying gold coins, or even buying rare coins, we are your one-stop location. Midas Gold Group offers you the largest selection, best pricing and promptest service in the country.

With Midas Gold Group the process of buying gold is simple:

Draft Your Portfolio

with your dedicated account representative or representatives. While we are not financial advisors, our experts have traded precious metals and financial assets for decades. We will help you tailor a portfolio to meet your needs, not the needs of a commissioned salesperson.

Fund Your Account

via bank wire, check, or IRA transfer. Midas Gold Group will accept all standard forms of payment. With our A+ rating with the BBB, decades of industry experience, and thousands of processed transactions, you can be confident when funding your account and sending payment.

Verify Your Order

with our trading and compliance desk. At Midas Gold Group, nothing is more important than our client’s financial well-being. Our trading and compliance desk reviews each and every order with the client to ensure their complete understanding of the whole process and and accuracy of their orders.

Receive Your Order

via prompt secure and discreet delivery. At Midas Gold Group most standard product orders are delivered in days, not weeks or months like other dealers. All of our shipments are 100% insured against any loss or damage until you receive it; you never need to worry about your shipments.

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Rest Assured with Midas Authenticity Guarantee

Only Midas Gold Group fully guarantees the authenticity, mint mark, weight, and purity of each and every product we sell. The Midas Authenticity Guarantee is the strongest guarantee in the industry and part of what makes us America’s best gold company.

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Superior & Knowledgeable Client Service

The Midas Gold Group Gold experts are among the most experienced in the industry. Unlike other gold companies, our experts are paid to sell clients the products most suitable to their needs and are never paid higher commissions to sell overpriced or collector coins. At Midas Gold Group, your needs come first and are never at odds with the commission structure of your representative. Are you wondering if you should buy gold bullion? Buy silver bullion? What about platinum and palladium? Should you buy gold bars or buy gold coins? The answers to these questions depend entirely on your specific situation, expected holding term, risk tolerances, etc. Our experts can help you answer these and many other questions about gold and silver.

If you already own gold, silver, or even collector coins, our experts are still here to help. Our free appraisal services have helped many investors discover the true value of their portfolios, understand the fees and commissions actually paid, and sometimes even sell or reallocate their precious metal portfolios to something appropriate. If you are new to precious metals or have been buying for years, our experts can give you informed insight to help you make smart decisions.

Product Selection

Midas Gold Group is the most trusted source for buying gold bullion, buying gold bars, buying gold coins, buying rare coins, numismatic coins, and collector coins. See the popular coins and bars page for a few examples of our product selection. We are proud to offer gold coins and gold bars from government and private mints from around the world including:

  • United States Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • British Royal Mint
  • Austrian Mint
  • Central Mint of China
  • Perth Mint of Australia
  • Bavarian State Mint
  • La Casa de Moneda (de México)
  • New Zealand Mint
  • The Rand Refinery of South Africa
  • PAMP Suisse
  • Credit Suisse
  • Valcambi Suisse Refinery
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Sunshine Mining
  • Engelhard Company

We also offer the widest selection of pre-1933 gold pieces, numismatic coins, and proof and collector coins from the US and around the world.

No Sales Tax When You Buy Gold

Midas Gold Group is headquartered in Arizona. Arizona is the only state whose local laws expressly prohibit the collection of any sales tax on precious metals purchases. No matter where you are located, you will never need to pay any sales tax on any gold or silver purchased from Midas Gold Group.

Prompt Secure and Confidential Delivery

Other dealers make you wait weeks for the delivery of your gold. At Midas Gold Group we believe that you should receive your gold much sooner than this. Our clients generally receive their shipments in just a few business days. Our shipments are always fully insured and packaged discreetly for your protection.

Buyback Guarantee

At Midas Gold Group we will always repurchase your gold, silver, or coins at the prevailing market rate. You can ALWAYS expect prompt and timely payment for your precious metals!

Genuine Quality Assurance

The Midas Authenticity Guarantee is the strongest assurance in the precious metals industry. The Midas Authenticity Guarantee guarantees the mint mark, weight and purity of each and every item we sell.


Aurum - gold

Physical gold has long been an essential part of any balanced financial portfolio. Owning physical gold is virtually the ONLY way to hold private physical tangible wealth in your financial portfolio.

What is unique about gold? At the most basic scientific level, gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au (Aurum in Latin). Gold’s atomic number is 79, making it one of the highest atomic number elements that are naturally found in the earth’s crust. Gold is a very unique metal in that is soft while malleable and ductile. It is also dense (density 19.32 g/cm3) with a hefty atomic structure consisting of 79 protons and 118 neutrons. Just one ounce of gold can be hammered out to a sheet 300 square feet in size and only about 230 atoms thick.

Gold’s atomic properties make it indispensable for industrial uses particularly in semiconductors, electronics, solar panels, and even medicine. Its malleability, luster, and immunity to tarnish, have made it the metal of choice to adorn royalty, heroes, clergy, churches, temples, and palaces around the globe for millennia. More importantly, gold has been seen as currency from at least 700 BC to today. For nearly 3,000 years, gold has been the choice store of wealth and value for sovereign nations, dynasties, and long-standing organizations. One million dollars in cash may have relatively little or possibly no value 100 years from now, but one million dollars in gold purchased today, will likely still have virtually the same purchasing power in 100 years.

2017 Canadian Maple Leaf card duo
gold Maple Leaf fractional coins

Gold is rare! Best estimates are that all the gold mined in human history is only about 155,500 tonnes, an amount that could fit into only 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This is not due to any failure in efforts to mine gold; gold mining is a $500 billion dollar + industry. The heavy atoms of gold are simply extremely rare in the earth’s crust. It generally takes five to ten years just to bring a gold mine production online. When demand surges for gold as a safe-haven currency, the price can surge as well. We can help you add this precious metal to your portfolio today.


The reasons people buy gold can be as diverse as the investors who buy it; however, most investors are generally interested in some of the unique benefits of owning physical gold:


Gold is truly private wealth. Gold can be bought and sold without registration, without a public record, and, best of all, can be stored and secured directly by its owner. The money we have in the bank, as well as the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds we own in our brokerage accounts, are all nothing more than electronic ledgers in a third party bank or investment bank’s system. The accuracy and their value depend on the stability and reliability of the third party as well as the stability of the banking and financial system. This is a risk that economists refer to as counter-party risk.

Further, when we buy real estate, we record a deed with the local municipalities which is public record. Our real estate can be repossessed by the government of we fail to pay property taxes or if the government makes a claim on the property through Eminent Domain. Gold has always been viewed as money and its value does not depend on the accuracy and stability of any system or third party. Your ownership of gold is not recorded, your holdings are not taxed, and only you can surrender or sell your gold.

storing gold bars in vault
gold American Eagles stack


Physical Gold is perhaps the safest and most effective counter-cyclical investment one can make. This means that gold tends to offer its highest return when stock and other assets underperform: during market crashes, periods of rampant inflation, and global turmoil. Gold hit an all-time high price in 2020 of $2,069 per ounce on the futures market at the end of the last market crash amid concerns over global debt. Those who bought gold in 2005 saw returns of 360%; those who bought gold in 2001, prior to the terrorist attack on September 11, saw a return of 666%; and those who held gold since the US abandoned the gold standard in 1971 saw returns of 5,811%. These returns are all higher than the returns of major stock indices, mutual funds, CDs and even most real estate over the same period! The United States has spent the past ten years increasing money supply and debt at historically unprecedented rates. While we might not endorse or agree with our monetary policy, we believe it has created an incredible opportunity for investors to profit from gold. Market corrections inevitably come and balance asset values and financial markets. In the next crash, many expect gold to far exceed its previous all-time highs as stock prices drop.


Many investors view gold as an insurance policy on their wealth and the most effective means of overall financial security. If we experience another stock market crash, a banking crisis, a real estate market collapse, or even the erosion of the purchasing power of the US dollar, what will this do to your savings, your retirement plans, and your lifestyle?

If you own physical gold you will have an irreplaceable layer of protection against such financially catastrophic events. There is virtually no substitute for the protection physical gold adds to your portfolio. There is a good reason that every central bank, sovereign nation, royal dynasty, and long-standing institution hoard wealth in gold. Your wealth should have the same protection. Physical gold has no counterparty risk. When you hold and own gold bars and gold coins outright, there is no counterparty risk. In contrast, paper gold (gold futures, gold certificates, gold-backed ETFs) all involve counterparty risk.

gold protection


Gold Coins (modern mint)

Some of the most well-known coins investors buy are modern-minted coins from government mints. Most such coins come in sizes ranging from 1/10 of an ounce to 1-ounce coins. Most government mints are marked with a legal tender value; for example, the one ounce US American Eagle has a face value of $50 stamped on it. However, the intrinsic value of one ounce gold coin obviously exceeds the $50 face value stamp. The same is true for virtually all of the government-issued coins around the world. Not all gold coins are the same purity. Coins such as the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf are 99.99% pure gold (24 karat). Other coins such as the Gold American Eagle and the South African Krugerrand are only 91.67% pure (22 karat). In addition to standard issue coins, most government mints produce a range of special edition, proof, commemorative, and collector coins. The experts at Midas Gold Group can help you understand the coins available to you and help prevent you from making mistakes, or, more importantly, from overpaying for coins that will not help you achieve your goals.

  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold Chinese Panda
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Vienna Philharmonic
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Gold Britannia

Gold Bars

When most people think of gold they think of it on the form of bars. Perhaps this is because gold bars are, in fact, the world’s most common form of gold ownership. Gold bars can range in size from as small as 1 gram to as large as 400 ounces or more. When buying gold bars as an individual, you normally want to be mindful of the following:

  • The bars should be in liquid divisible units: bars that are 1 ounce or smaller are generally very easy to sell; to sell a very large bar you may need to find someone with hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay you as it can only be sold all-or-none.
  • The bars should meet minimum purity requirements. Most buyers, investors, and even exchanges require minimum purity levels. Even gold bars in an IRA must be at least 99.5% pure. Most bars Midas Gold Group deals in are 99.99% pure, the purest form of gold.
  • The bars should have a unique serial number from the manufacturing mint. Serialized bars are known as “Hallmark Bars”. Using the unique serial number, investors can verify the authenticity directly with the manufacturer and be advised or any fraud alerts on any serial number. This always allows for easy resale of the gold bars.
  • The bars should bear a recognizable mint mark from a reputable mint know for its quality product.

Midas Gold Group distributes gold bars from such major mints at:

  • Credit Suisse Mint
  • PAMP Suisse Mint
  • Valcambi Refinery
  • Canadian Royal Mint
  • Perth Mint of Australia
  • Johnson Matthey Refinery
  • Sunshine Mining
  • Republic Metals Corporation

Rare Coins, Numismatic Coins, and Collector Gold Coins

The terms Rare Coins, Numismatic Coins, and Collector Coins are often used interchangeably and have roughly the same meaning: a coins that derives at least a significant portion of its value from a special value the coin has to collectors due to its rarity. The US Rare coins market alone is estimated to be at least a $3.4 billion market, making it the second largest collector market in the world after artwork (2018 estimate from Professional Numismatic Guild “PNG”). It is worth noting that this is down from a $4 billion estimate in 2016. It is also worth noting that the coins that have performed the best at auction in recent years are the coins valued over $50,000, while lower value and more generic rare coins have lost value.

Generally, an investor in the rare coins market should have a general understanding of the rare coin market and its benefits, an appreciation for old coins, and an exit strategy for the investment.

We encourage investors to be very cautious of this market if it is being pushed through sales tactics at other companies. The average gold investor may not know enough about this market to make substantial investments in numismatic coins. A $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coin minted in 1933 is worth millions of dollars, with one having sold for $7.6 million. The exact coin minted in 1903 is worth little more than its gold melt value.

The rare coin trading desk at Midas Gold Group has decades of experience in buying and selling some of the world’s most sought after, unique and valuable coins. If you are an avid collector looking to upgrade, complete, or sell your collection, we can provide you with the highest quality of concierge service and assistance. We are also here to provide the novice collector with the guidance need to avoid mistakes and losses.

Further, if you have been sold a collection of numismatic coins by another dealer without proper education of understanding of the market, we can provide you with free evaluation services and make a recommendation to help your understanding. Keep in mind that if you own a collection of old rare coins, simply watching the price of gold & silver may give you little or no insight into the current value of our portfolio.


Investors often ask questions like: “What is the Price of Gold?” or “What is Gold Trading at?”. We generally reply by stating the Spot Price of Gold as it is posted on various mercantile exchanges around the world such as in New York (NYMEX), Chicago (CME), London, Zurich, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. That is the price you even see posted on this website.

But What is a Spot Market? The spot market is where financial instruments, such as commodities and securities, are traded for future delivery. In spot markets, spot trades are made with spot prices. This varies from a futures market since a futures contract is based on delivery of the underlying asset at a future date. The current price of a financial instrument is called the spot price. It is the price at which an instrument can be sold or bought at a particular time and at a specified place (like an exchange). The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is an example of an exchange where traders buy and sell stocks. This is a spot market.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is an example of an exchange where traders buy and sell futures contracts. This is a futures market exchange. When it comes to precious metals, most contracts traded on these exchange are settled in cash, rather than on physical delivery of the precious metals. In other words, most of these contracts particularly when it comes to precious metals are simply instruments traders use to place bets of the future prices of the precious metals. Spot prices, while helpful in understanding the trends in gold and silver, are paper instruments and should not be confused with the delivery of a certain bar or coin in a physical form.

Trades that occur directly between a buyer and seller are called over-the-counter (OTC). These trades are not facilitated by a major exchange. In an OTC transaction, the price may be based on spot, or a future price/date. In an OTC transaction the terms are not necessarily standardized, and therefore, may be subject to the discretion of the buyer and/or seller. As with exchanges, OTC stock transactions are typically spot trades, while futures or forward transactions are often not at spot.

Are we confused yet? Let’s try to understand spot market considering a tangible asset:
With precious metals, how could one price be the same for every particular product? Although a bar or coin may be one total troy ounce, its fineness or purity may differ. Products may differ on quantity available, demand for a particular product, the condition of the product, product presentation, and rarity. Also for certain products, the carrying cost, wholesale prices, retail prices, and future prices of the underlying commodity may be rising or falling. Is the particular market in a bull or bear phase? Does the product’s price include insured shipping, management fees or sales tax?

Many precious metals dealers are advertising “lowest prices” and “buy closest to spot”. Our research has shown that many of these dealers are newer firms trying to attract customers without spending the advertising dollars that larger firms are paying. Many of these firms have been shut down due to bait and switch tactics which leave customers owning a product they had no intention of owning. Many of these low-cost products are the ones that the finest dealers in the country do not want. Many times the quantity offered at these prices are minimal and meaningless to certain accredited investors. Disclaimers are clearly on these sites that say products may be “discolored, chipped, or dented.” Packaging may be “torn, ripped, used, and quite possibly flawed.” Don’t be a client of a dealer who is building their client base on specials or deals. Your nest egg deserves the best products available and the best research.

At Midas Gold Group we are committed to providing the fairest product prices we can while considering the market we are competing in. The best advice we can give is to call for a complete explanation of the product you may be considering. We will use all of our industry contacts to provide the best possible options and recommendations for each individual investor. We can also explain how your particular product may (or may not) move accordingly as the spot market moves up and down on a daily basis.

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