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Guide to Owning Bullion and CoinsSign up to receive your copy of the 2021 Guide to Owning Bullion & Coins. This guide features the most relevant precious metal products for the next decade. It also depicts premium coins and bars from some of the largest and most reputable producers of quality gold bullion in the world. This guide is an essential resource for both investors and coins collectors. It can help you if you are just starting an investment in precious metals or if you are a seasoned collector.

Investment strategies have changed. Investments comprised entirely of stock, bonds, annuities, and bank products is not a truly diversified portfolio. In 2008, the banking system reached the verge of collapse. The financial system as we know it was only saved by the largest bailout of private companies and the largest money creation schemes in the history of the world economy.

At the time of the collapse, investors who held physical gold or other precious metals in their portfolio were more secure with diversification outside of the financial system. Also, as gold and silver tend to act as counter-cyclical investments (generally gaining value when other asset prices), these investors hedged losses in stock, real estate, etc.

Investors who still doubt the long-term stability of the stock market and the US dollar are regularly adding physical gold and other precious metals to their investment portfolios. Others are using their IRA to hold physical precious metals.

We also distribute coins and bullion products from all over the world and can help you build a portfolio tailored to your needs as an investor or as a collector. This guide does not include all of the thousands of global products we buy and sell but does include some of the most important products from the most renowned producers:

  • US Mint – The US Mint has a long history that dates back to the 1700s when it began to produce currency in the form of gold and silver coins for the country. In 1933, gold coins were removed from circulation and silver was entirely removed from US coinage used for circulation in 1970. However, today the US Mint produces quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins that are popular among investors around the world. The American Eagle is the most popular coin produced by the US Mint and is produced in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Royal Canadian Mint – The Royal Canadian Mint is well known to bullion investors around the world to produce quality products with exceptional purity. The Canadian Maple Leaf is the most popular coin produced by the Canadian Mint and is available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Australian Perth Mint – The Perth Mint was originally a branch of the Royal Mint of London. Today it is operated as a private organization, but its products are fully guaranteed by the government of Australia. The Perth Mint produces a variety of quality mostly low-mintage bullion bars and coins as well as some exceptional numismatic or collector coins.
  • British Royal Mint – The British Royal Mint has continually operated since 886 striking coins for the United Kingdom. Today the mint produces quality bullion and rare coins in gold, silver, and platinum. Its signature coin is the Britannia which is popular among investors and collectors.
  • Chinese Mint – The Chinese Mint is known around the world for its signature coin – the Chinese Panda which has been produced in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The Panda coins are unique in that their designs change nearly every year, they are now produced in metric sizes (grams rather than ounces) and many of the premiums on these coins have increased over time.
  • Swiss Bullion – Even though Switzerland has little gold mining, it is considered the gold capital of the world. Most of the gold mined around the globe travels through Switzerland. Switzerland is home to some of the most reputable gold refiners in the world that produce quality gold bullion. These producers include Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, and Valcambi Refinery.
  • Austrian Mint – The Austrian Mint has a history that dates back nearly 600 years. Its signature coin is the Philharmonic that is produced in gold, silver, and platinum and is distributed to investors and collectors around the world.
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No matter what coin or bar you are seeking, Midas Gold Group can help you find it. If you are considering a new investment, download and read the guide to understand more about popular and relevant precious metals products. Our representatives are always available for any questions regarding buying or selling precious metals or building a collection.


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